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Welcome to Biotops, your growshop located in La Junquera - Since 2005 - This site is reserved for a major and informed public.

Legal notices

All the purchases carried out on this site ( are prone to the general terms of sale like to the Spanish legislation relating to the remote sales. 
The actual sales are sales remotely regulated by the Spanish legislation into force on the matter.


Confidentiality of information customer.
In accordance with Organic law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, on the protection of the coordinates, all the personal data of the customers of this Web site are included in a file automated of coordinates, created and maintained by Biotops Growshop. This file is protected. Your coordinates are only used for management, and the follow-up of your orders. Biotops Growshop is committed respecting its obligations to maintain secret the coordinates and to adopt all the necessary measures to avoid their deterioration, their loss or their use by thirds not - authorized.

Consequently, all information on our customers will be used with business ends neither will not be yielded nor sold with thirds. The user guarantees that its coordinates provided at the time of its order are exact and commits itself communicating any modification with regard to them. The user will be the only person in charge of all the damage or damage, direct or indirect, that it could cause by communicating false coordinates, inaccurate, incomplete or not brought up to date. Constantly the user with the possibility of reaching its coordinates, to consult them or modify them in-line.

Limitation of the responsibilities.
The seed possession of hemp in Spain does not constitute an offence (Convention of Vienna of 1961). The culture of cannabis can be the object of administrative and penal sanctions (Article 25.1 of the Organic law of Protection of the Safety of the Citizen and Article 368 of the Penal code). The products which we market should not in no case to be used by thirds against the law. Biotops Growshop does not encourage anybody to act against the law. We thus insist on the fact that whoever buys our seeds is responsible for its future acts. Descriptions of the products on sale on this Internet site are extracted from companies and specialized books written in countries where the laws do not prohibit the consumption of given psycoactives substances (such as Holland). That wants to say that the fact that certain descriptions refer for their purposes after their consumption does not mean to in no case that you can consume them. It is simple information since these products are sold and are intended only for medical uses and therapeutic, with the students in botany, the naturalists, the collectors, in memories of Holland, etc. If they are used for human consumption it will be always under the single responsibility of the purchaser and on this fact we decline any responsibility.

The regulation on the seed importation of marihuana often varies from one country to another. For this reason, the purchaser is invited to inform themselves on the regulation applied in his country and to respect the law of it. The purchase of these products is interdict since the countries where the seeds of marihuana are prohibited by the law, for example: The United States, Australia, Germany and countries or any other country where the seed possession of marihuana is illegal. If a purchaser places order of products recognized like illicit in his country, he would be recognized like only person in charge of their importation. We decline any responsibility concerning for possible caused legal problems and will not carry out any refunding for the products paralysed or driven back by the customs.

Law and jurisdiction.
These general terms are controls by the laws in force in the Spanish State.
Biotops Growshop and the user gives up in way express any privilege and are subjected to the jurisdiction and the competence of the Courts of Figuères to regulate any controversy.

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