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The Head Shop proposes you all items that can store, transform, quantify and also consume your harvest and more, T-shirts, skateboards and boxes, stash box silicone for BHO ...

But we also propose polinator boxes, different sizes ans styles grinders, precision scales, bongs from smallest to largest, also shisha called hookah, shisha tobacco, sprays for the home or the outdoor, ashtrays for all, lighters, torch, pipe and vaporizer ...

Bracelet pipe, box storage, Rolling Boxes, large variety is available.

We have a large variety of vaporizers, portable model as the Phyto-Lab to the electric model like the Volcano, Volcano digital and electronic cigarettes for grass, BHO, the iceolator and E-liquids. Also available for decorative items, such as different models of flags (Bob Marley, cannabis, Jamaica), bandana ... Books that explain different ways to grow. And above all most of all smokers long or short paper, rolls, bleached, unbleached and tips in Biotops ... preferably.

If you do not want to smell of grass at home, we have a range of incense ...

The Head Shop stock is continually renewed to always offer you more new products and satisfy your requests.

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  • Phyto-Lab Medicinal pocket Vaporizer

    The Phyto-Lab is a high quality Pocket vaporizer surgical steel that is manufactured in Switzerland. It comes with 1 cleaning brush, 1 Mouth piece, 1 pack of 5 large screens and a pack of 5 small screens.

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    Regular Price: £54.75

    Promo £50.37

  • Vaporizer Fuzion GVR 600

    The Vaporizer Fuzion GVR 600 has a digital display and a potentiometer to control the temperature. It is very easy to use.

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  • E-Liquid CBD Satijah

    The E-liquid Satijah is sold in the form of 10 ml bottleseach of which contains 50 mg of CBD. Satijah contains 0.5% of CBD, 5 mg / ml. Satijah was developed for people with an electronic cigarette accustomed to inhake throughout the day.

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  • Pure Extract Bags mini press

    Mini press Pure Extract Bags aluminum with a length of 6 cm and a diameter of 2 cm. The pressing provides better preservation of the product.

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  • Aluminium 5 parts grinder ø 53 mm with LED

    Aluminum grinder 5 pieces of 53 mm diameter with LED and diamond shaped teeth. Very practical, it has a resin recovery (polinator) and a magnetic lid.

    Color: silver.

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  • Sensi Seeds 10 ml of CBD oil 3%

    Oil 100% natural that containing 300 mg (3%) of CBD (cannabidiol), sold in bottles of 10 ml.

    Use: Put 1/2 ml (15 drops) under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. Every drop of oil contains about 1 mg of cbd.

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    Regular Price: £16.79

    Promo £13.14

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  • Livre Le Bio Grow Book : Jardinage biologique en intérieur & en extérieur

    Le Bio Grow Book est un manuel très pratique qui dévoile les nouvelles techniques de la culture biologique. Il vous apprend à cultiver des plantes plus saines, plus savoureuses, des fruits, des légumes, des fleurs, ...

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