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The horticultural pot is a container in which plants grow. These pots are also used to force and to blanch vegetables. The horticultural pots are as old as gardening that dates back to the Neolithic period. They were common in the gardens during the Antiquity.

They are traditionally in terracotta but also in plastic, in wood and in stone. Pots of any size are available; from the thimble to the huge arboricultural ones which are frequently used for citrus fruits. They generally have little holes in the bottom in order to evacuate water.

The flowerpots and its plant can be placed in the soil, off-ground, or into a more decorative flower-pot holder without holes that evacuate water.

The advantage of the culture out of pot is the fact of having plants that are easily transportable, easy to shelter, but also the fact of controlling invasive and of making horticulture without a garden.

For the Dutch cannabis growing, the choice of the pot can significantly increase your yields.

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13 Item(s)

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