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pH control pump

Thanks to a dose controller, your pH is always perfect.

The liquid pH- is directly injected in the nutrient tray. The device tests the pH and measures out the pH- injection.

It measures the pH thanks to the probe and permanently adjusts the pH value of your nutritive solution.

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  • Pump PH control with probe

    Pump pH control with probe
    Thanks to this pH controller, your pH is always perfect.
    The pH minus is directly injected into the nutrient tank, the device is testing permanently the pH, injecting just the needed dosis of pH corrector, pH-.

    Direct and permanent control of the feed solution pH.

    This dosing pump is delivered full and ready to use, with controller, dosering pump and pH probe. 
    Usually we apply pH- depending of the pH fluctuating tendances.

    If the initial pH is too high you must use pH- in the dosering pump.

    To know quickly the fluctuation tendance of your feeding tank to take the decision to use one or other pH corrector, it's very easy, you just have to look the starting pH of your basis water. A pH above 6.2 means that you must to use pH-.

    Dosering pump with the digital pH controller.

    Connecting ducts
    Input and output for the pH-.

    pH probe

    Fixing hole

    1 year warranty
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