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Timers are instruments to power on one or more lights, heaters, fans, extractors, etc ... Biotops offers in this category many quality devices, timer box Davin, GSE, digital programmers and mechanical , home automation culti pack box with accessories, ... There are various models of timers to control your lights, your extractors and also your irrigations as Nutrimatic for example.

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  • Analogic Timer LEGRAND Omnirex european plug

    Analogic Timer LEGRAND Omnirex
    Very high quality analogic timer.
    Very robust, we specially indicates this timer to start your 400W and 600W HPS Lamps.
    Its fiability don't causes matters on your culture.
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  • Digital timer GSC HEBD 20xProg ESP

    Digital Weekly Programmer Weekly 20 programs per day with a program duration of one minute. This timer is especially recommended for triggering watering cycles. European catch.

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  • Water Timer Nutrimatic to the second

    Nutrimatic is an irriation programmator made by SMSCOM that allows to set the duration of the irrigation cycle of your marihuana culture with second accuracy. Very easy settings.

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  • Cultibox domotics pack

    The cultibox pack regulate the climate of your culture area in a totally autonomous way by fallowing programs which you have defines for the grips. The cultibox supplied with a free software open source contains an interface to visualize the weather conditions, a calendar, an administrator of advanced program.

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  • Timer Box GSE 9X600W

    Timer Box (Timer) professional brand GSE allowing the ignition of 9 600W lamps. It includes a precision mechanical programmer.

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  • Tec Hit digital timer weekly and daily

    Digital daily and weekly programmer with a minimum programming time of one minute. This timer is especially recommended for triggering watering cycles. French plug.

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