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Which criteria have to be taken into account to choose your reflector?

A lamp HPS or MH well-equipped with a high quality reflector can obtain the same performances as a more powerful lamp well-equipped with a basic reflector. The light reflection in your growing area directly conditions the output of the culture. The little "bumps" in the metal permit to divide the rays of light into several smaller rays that go in different directions. Furthermore, if the top of the reflector is flat, it reflects light produced from the bottom of the bulb directly to the bulb, what generates a loose of lumen. One of the best reflectors for horizontal bulb is the Adjust-A-Wing for these following reasons:

- Its metallic hammered finish allows one of the best reflexivity (97%).

- Both wings are curved and without pleats, so no hot point.

- The centre of the reflector above the bulb is curved in order to make an angle, what allows to reflect the light from the top of the bulb to the outside instead of returning to the bulb.

- In addition, it is adjustable concerning the amplitude to cover the culture according to its width. The reflectors Adjust-A-Wing are well-equipped with a light diffuser called Super Spreader. It allows to spread the heat under the bulb.

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