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Energy-saving lamps and lights

What is the advantage of the neon lights, the LED and the ECO bulbs?

The neon light equipment LED and ECO are energy-saving light bulbs that give off very little heat.

They are generally used for the taking of cuttings and the growth period in which growing areas are restricted.

The neon lights such as the Turbo Neons of Secret Jardin are suitable for the taking of cuttings. They can be placed near the plants without risking to damage them.

There are energy-saving bulbs for the growth with a blue spectrum and for the bloom with a red spectrum. They are intended for the germination and the taking of cuttings, but also for smaller growing areas as growboxes with a dimension such as 60x60x160 cm or 80x80x180 cm.

The LED lamps are particularly energy-saving lamps with a life of 80,000 hours for the 80W LED UFO. This kind of lighting does not give off heat.

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