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Cool-Tubes and well-ventilated reflectors

The difference between a Cooltube and a well-ventilated reflector:

Cool-Tubes are the most efficient way to put out the heat generated by the lamp. The concept is Borosilicate glass tube that maintains the bulbs locked up in the tube to keep the heat around the bulb. The high-speed extractor ( approximately 380m³/h ) is in charge of extracting the heat of the glass tube, to keep out any calorie accumulation.The cooltubes are indicated in case of overheating, like in the summer or by a more appropriated way when we use several lamps. A cooltube system allows to keep out most part of the heat.

The well-ventilated reflectors represent a high performance alternative for the cooltubes. They offer approximately 80% of reflection versus 45% for a cooltube, by removing the heat. It is possible to keep out the glass of the well-ventilated reflector when the ambient temperature allows it, to obtain a maximum of light, without any glass between the bulb and the plants. The reflector Black OG is without any doubt the most performance worldwide ventilated reflector.

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  • Reflector black OG

    Reflector OG black ventilated, available with the 150 mm and 200 mm diameter out.

    Number #1 in the US, with this reflector is obtained 30% reflectivity over in comparison with a traditional ventilated reflector!

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    Promo Prix normal €225.00

    As low as: €168.75

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