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What is a ballast ?

A ballast (transformer) is an electrical device used to reduce the current in the electronic circuit.

In the indoor cannabis growing, the ballast permits to provide necessary tension for the lighting of the bulb.

There are two kinds of ballasts: The ferromagnetic ones such as the Vossloh, Pro)Gear, Philips, Mari 1A and the electronic ones, for example, Lumatek and Dim-Bal.

The electronic ballasts offer a more precise and meticulous management of the lighting of the bulbs and the hot power supplying. This allows to have a constant light spectrum and an HPS bulb which is properly fed. They allow a faster start of the bulbs without flickering.

Be careful: You have to use the bulb according to the specific nominal values (400W ballast = 400W bulb).

The only exception is for the MH 400W bulbs which can be used with 600W ballast.

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  • Ballast 400w Pure Light

    A ballast is essential for lighting HID bulbs of the Sodium (HPS) and metal-halide (MH) type.

    The Pure Light 400W ballast (transformer) is manufactured exclusively with German quality components.

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  • Kit d’éclairage PowerLec CMH 315W + Ampoule 3100K

    Kit d'éclairage 315W complet PowerLec. Ballast + Réflecteur + Ampoule CMH 315 watts. Ce nouveau système d'éclairage Lec permet une économie d’énergie. Seulement 315W de consommation, tout en offrant la même production qu'une ampoule HPS de 600 watts. Learn More



  • Ballast 600W Pure Light Sodium/MH

    Ballast 600W Pure Light Sodium/MH
    Indispensable ballast to start HID lamps, like HPS and MH lamps.
    The Pure Light ballast 600w is exclusively made with components of german quality.

    Power of 600W.

    Made for the 600W HPS and MH bulbs.

    Warranty 1 year
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  • Electronic Ballast 600W Lumatek Dimmable

    Lumatek 600W electronic ballast is the most efficient ballast currently on the market. It is dimmable: 250W, 400W, 600W and 600W super lumens. 3 years warranty.

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  • Ballast électronique Dim-Bal 400W

    The electronic ballast (digital) DIM-BAL 400W by BLT is a regulatable ballast with 4 operating positions (200, 300, 400 and 440W).

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