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Bulbs HPS and MH

HPS and MH bulbs:

Two kinds of bulb are now available for growers. The HPS and the MH are studied to a horticultural lighting.

The HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs and the MH (Halid Metal) Bulbs are used for the indoor plant culture of any kind, particularly for the cannabis growing. The HPS (or SHP) bulbs emit an orange light. This spectrum is better adapted to the flowering period, although these bulbs are also used during the growth period such as the Sylvania Grolux mixte or the Philips Son-T Agro.

The MH (Metal Halid lamps) produces a blue light that favours the plant growth period. The MH 400W bulbs can be used with 600W ballasts.

You will also find the HPÏT bulb of Philips, which guarantees an optimal growth. For the bloom, we have the SON-T pia+ and the SON-T pia+ Green Power that will guarantee a high-yielding production.

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  • Pure Light Bulb 600w Mixed

    Bulb HPS 600W Mixed (growth and flowering).

    Color temperature: 21000K

    90000 Lumens approx.

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  • HPS Sylvania grolux 250W

    The HPS Sylvania GROLUX 250W bulb can be used throughout your crop.

    That is, Growing and flowering..

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  • HPS Sylvania GROLUX 400w (mixed)

    The HPS Sylvania Grolux Mixed 400W bulb be used throughout of your indoor culture. That is to say growing and flowering period.

    Its lifespan is 3 harvests.

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  • HPS Sylvania GROLUX 600w (mixed)

    The HPS Sylvania 600 Watt Grolux bulb is a mixed bulb (Grow and Bloom) ideal for a complete culture. Its lifespan is 3 complete crop cycles.

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  • Pure Light MH Bulb 250W Grow

    Bulb MH (metal halide) 250W of growth. Color temperature: 6400K 25000 Lumens approx.

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  • HPS bulb Lumatek 400W

    The bulb 400w HPS Lumatek is known for its high quality. It has 55,000 lumens and a dual spectrum. It is ideal for the growth and flowering.

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  • HPS bulb Lumatek 600W

    The bulb 600w HPS Lumatek is known for its high quality. It has 90,000 lumens and a dual spectrum. It is ideal for the growth and flowering.

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  • HPS-philips Master SON-T PIA Plus 400W(Bloom)

    HPS--Philips Master SON-T PIA plus 400W Bloom
    The Master Son-T PIA Plus "Philips Integrated Antenna" bulbs, can be used in Holland, the tulipan country.
    This bulb version, "long life" use an integrated antena to prolong the lifetime of the bulb until 1 years for the culture.
    This kind of bulbs, gives aproximatevely 20% more light than there concurents.
    The great spectrum allows there to be the best blooming bulbs of the market.
    Contrary at the majority of another models, this bulb have the integrated antena to perform a quicker ingnition, that allows less gas lost by the bulb, to increase the lifetime.

    Take care: A HID bulb needs a special start ballast to be ignited.

    Life time: Change your bulb every 10-12 months.

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  • MH Philips Master HPI-T Plus 400W

    Philips Master HPI-T Plus 400W bulb:
    MH bulb specially made for the growth.
    This bulb with a blue spectrum is ideal for mother-plant's growth.

    Bulb's power: 400W.

    Life longlasting: aproximatively 5000 hours. Or 8-9 month of growth.
    Light intensity: 35000 Lm
    MH bulbs runs with all kind of HPS and MH ballast wich have a nominal power equal or superior to the bulb power.

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  • HPS Philips SON-T PIA Green Power 400W(Bloom)

    HPS Philips SON-T PIA Green Power 400W Bloom
    High pressure sodium bulb, specially designed for the bloom stage.
    The Philips Son-T Pia Green Power bulb is equiped with the PIA technology (Philips Integrated Antenna).
    Optimal results with digital ballasts.
    Be carefull: A discharge bulb (MH or HPS) can't run without special electric input feeding (ballast) of the same technology and power.

    Longlife lasting : Replace the bulb every 10 until 12 months.
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