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In this category, you will find everything related to the culture lighting:

- Complete lighting kits, tested and connected by an electrica technician.

- Ferromagnetic ballast such as the ballasts Philips, Mari and Vossloh but also electronical ballasts like Lumatek or Dim-bal.

- All kinds of reflectors, from the basic Stucco to a more professional one such as the reflector Adjust-A-Wing Silver pro that offers 97% of reflexion, but also Cooltubes and well-ventilated reflectors like the new Black-OG.

We also propose you a wide range of bulbs MH, HPS (sodium), neon lights and low-energy light bulbs which are suitable for cuttings, mother plants or confined areas where they might be confronted with temperature rises.

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  • Easy-roller set 5kG (2 rollers)

    Easy-roller set 5kG (2 rollers)
    The Easy-rollers are an alternative way to the strings and chains to regulate the reflector distance above the plants.
    The rollers runs with an autoblocking mecanism that allows to regulate very easely the reflector distance, just pushing up or  downing the reflector.
    The rollers have a mounting direction. The hanging string must be hanged at the ceiling with wall hooks or directly on the bars fo a growning tent. The roller's body is always at the reflector height.
    Be carefull to keep safe of forcing manipulation the roller's mecanism, don't  tighten excesively the setting screw.
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  • ProGrip pulleys fixing

    Fixing Progrip pulleys are suspending high quality and high strength to hang your Cannabis indoor culture material (reflector, etc, ...)

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  • Phytoled GX-400 Full Cycle

    The GX-400 Phytoled Full Cycle is perfect for a culture box of 160x160 cm. This LED lighting has been designed in Switzerland, manufactured and assembled in Italy. 1 year warranty extendable up to 2 years by registering the product.

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  • PhytoLED NX2 400 Full Cycle

    The PhytoLED NX2 400 Full Cycle is a growth and flowering lighting of 265W. It is ideal for a space of cultivation of 160 X 160 cm.

    2 years warranty.

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  • Ballast 400w Pure Light

    A ballast is essential for lighting HID bulbs of the Sodium (HPS) and metal-halide (MH) type.

    The Pure Light 400W ballast (transformer) is manufactured exclusively with German quality components.

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  • HPS Sylvania grolux 250W

    The HPS Sylvania GROLUX 250W bulb can be used throughout your crop.

    That is, Growing and flowering..

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  • Pure Light Bulb 600w Mixed

    Bulb HPS 600W Mixed (growth and flowering).

    Color temperature: 21000K

    90000 Lumens approx.

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  • €23.00
  • Mylar 1.40M

    Mylar of high quality 35 mμ thick, sold by the linear meter (1x1.40M). Strongly increases the reflection of light, it is resistant and lightweight ideal for your culture cabinets. Learn More
  • Mylar reinforced white 1.25M

    Mylar reinforced which is high quality, very resistant, (1Mx1.25M), sold by the meter, ideal for your diy grow boxes. Greatly increases the reflection of light. Learn More
  • Anti-Detection Cover 1.20M

    Thermal protection cover (1Mx1.20M), sold by the meter. Lets camouflage your grow area of thermal cameras. (Place on top of your box or tent) Learn More
  • SuperPlant Led Blue 45w

    Blue LED panel 45 watts, suitable for all phases of the plant. Learn More
  • Light Rail 4.0 Complet

    Le rail déplace la lampe d'un va et vient régulier, ce qui permet d'éclairer pleinement toute la surface de culture, même les côtés généralement moins éclairé que le centre de la zone de culture. Learn More
  • Moteur pour Light Rail 4.0

    Moteur simple ou de rechange pour système Light Rail 4.0 Learn More
  • Stucco Reflector 47cm

    Stucco (hammered) basic light reflector light of 47 centimeters. ideal for 1m² indoor culture.

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  • Reflector Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Medium

    Reflector Adjust-A-wing Enfocer medium has 80% of light reflection.

    It is made from high quality anodized aluminium and is adjustable in width.

    We can put bombillade sodium and low consumption.

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  • Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Medium + Super Spreader

    The reflector Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Medium gives you 97% reflection, it comes with the Super Spreader that lets you approach your reflector to your plants without burned its and thus gain and light penetration. It is manufactured in anodized aluminum sprayed with crystal. Corrosion resistant.

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  • HPS Sylvania GROLUX 400w (mixed)

    The HPS Sylvania Grolux Mixed 400W bulb be used throughout of your indoor culture. That is to say growing and flowering period.

    Its lifespan is 3 harvests.

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  • Pure Light Economic Bulb 200W for growth period

    CFL bulb 200W (6400°K) specially developed for the ideal spectrum for the growth phase of cannabis plants. This Bulb has very low release of heat, what allows to place plants a few centimeters away from the bulb.

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  • Pure Light Economic Bulb 250W for blooming period

    Pure Light Bulb 250W (2700K) energy saving specially developed for the ideal spectrum for the flowering stage of cannabis plants. This bulb gives off very little heat, which can place the plants a few centimeters away from the bulb.

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