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In this category, you will find everything related to the culture lighting:

- Complete lighting kits, tested and connected by an electrica technician.

- Ferromagnetic ballast such as the ballasts Philips, Mari and Vossloh but also electronical ballasts like Lumatek or Dim-bal.

- All kinds of reflectors, from the basic Stucco to a more professional one such as the reflector Adjust-A-Wing Silver pro that offers 97% of reflexion, but also Cooltubes and well-ventilated reflectors like the new Black-OG.

We also propose you a wide range of bulbs MH, HPS (sodium), neon lights and low-energy light bulbs which are suitable for cuttings, mother plants or confined areas where they might be confronted with temperature rises.

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  • Electronic ballast 400W BOLT

    The electronic ballast BOLT 400W of the brand Pure Light is a high-performance ballast. It is dimmable: 50%, 75%, 400W and 400W super lumens.

    3 years warranty.

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  • Electronic ballast 600W BOLT

    The electronic ballast 600W BOLT brand Pure Light is a high-performance ballast. It is dimmable: 50%, 75%, 600W and 600W super lumens.

    3 years warranty.

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  • Phytoled GX-400 Full Cycle

    The GX-400 Phytoled Full Cycle is perfect for a culture box of 160x160 cm. This LED lighting has been designed in Switzerland, manufactured and assembled in Italy. 1 year warranty extendable up to 2 years by registering the product.

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  • PhytoLED NX2 200 Full Cycle

    Le PhytoLED NX2 200 Full Cycle est un éclairage de croissance et floraison de 130W. Il est idéal pour un espace de culture de 80 X 80 cm.

    Garantie: 2 ans.

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  • Ballast 400w Pure Light

    A ballast is essential for lighting HID bulbs of the Sodium (HPS) and metal-halide (MH) type.

    The Pure Light 400W ballast (transformer) is manufactured exclusively with German quality components.

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  • Ballast Ortica Super Lumens 600W

    A high quality digital ballast for a better harvest!

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  • HPS Sylvania grolux 250W

    The HPS Sylvania GROLUX 250W bulb can be used throughout your crop.

    That is, Growing and flowering..

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