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Insecticides and fungicides

On the market, there are organic insecticides and fungicides as the Fungone from Aptus, the Bioshark, the Pireprot, the Azaprot and the Oidioprot. We also propose very well-known brands such as the Brimex acaride.

Pure Neem oil of 30 ml or less concentrated bottled one of 50 ml are now available.

These products are contact insecticides and fungicides. We also have systematic chemical insecticides and fungicides that penetrate the plant on a wider surface to struggle against diseases, insects, acarids, moisture and other kinds of pests.

The use of organic products ensures a high quality final product.

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  • BioNeem

    BioNeem of Proteco is an organic insecticide that acts against different insect families. It can be used against mites, aphids, caterpillars, trips, etc ...

    Dosage: 1 to 2 ml / L spraying.

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  • Soil Attack 100 g

    Soil Attack Granules prevents problems of insects that live in the soil and can damage the root system. Use: Mix 3-4 g / m² in the ground.

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    Regular Price: €19.00

    Promo €18.05

  • Prot Eco KENPYR : pure extract of natural pyrethrins

    Prot Eco Kenpyr is an insecticide based on pure extract of natural pyrethrins (Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium). It is used against aphids, cochineal, caterpillar, thrips, white fly, red spider, ... Use: 1 to 2 ml / L of water spray.

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    From: €13.00

    To: €28.00

  • Trabe - NeemAzal - Neem Pure Extract

    Trabe NeemAzal is an insecticide of genuine origin; Broad spectrum; Base of Azaridachtine (neem pure extract, neem). & Nbsp;

    Use: 1.5 ml / l of spraying water.

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    From: €15.00

    To: €38.00

  • Bombe insecticide 100ml à décharge totale

    Élimine efficacement tous types d’insectes (comme par exemple les araignées, cafards, fourmis, puces, tiques, punaises, moustiques, mouches, mites) dans les maisons et endroits peux accessibles. Learn More

  • Mobet savon potassique

    Utilisable en agriculture biologique, le Mobet de Pro-Eco agit comme agent hydratant et possède un effet protecteur, il favorise l'état général de la culture ainsi que sa qualité. Utilisable en spray foliaire, le Mobet aidera vos plantes à produire l'énergie suffisante pour lutter contre les attaques d'insectes, les maladies et les conditions climatiques qui peuvent parfois être difficiles. Learn More

    From: €9.00

    To: €18.00

  • BIOSHARK Dislike 100mL Biological insecticide

    One of the most powerful organic insecticide on the market. Use in prevention and treatment. Powerful essential oils mixture that keep the insects at bay (red spider, thrips, white fly, aphids). Each essential oil has a very specific action that repels insects, Dislike is the only insecticide that contains 5 essential oils.

    Instructions for use:

    from 4 ml until 8 ml per liter (Ambient water).

    Spray the entire plant, above and especially below the leaves.

    Repeat weekly.

    Blend well before using.

    In indoor culture, spray only during the extinction of lights. Outdoor spray in late afternoon when the sun is no longer directly on the plant.

    Contents: 100mL.

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  • Aptus Soil Attack liquid 100 ml (Bioshark)

    Bioshark Soil Attack from Aptus is a liquid to be used as a preventive treatment during the growth phase against soil insects that nest in the substrate and harm the roots. Use: mix 2.5 to 5 ml of product per 10 L of water.

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  • Aptus Fungone

    Fungone by Aptus is a preventative treatment against viral, bacterial and fungal problems. This product is ready for use. Simply spray the product directly on the leaves. The Fungone is a product that is non-toxic and leaves no residue.

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  • Aptus Fungone concentrate

    Aptus Fungone concentrate is a preventative spray to avoid of fungal, viral and bacterial product problems.

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  • Botryprot 30ml

    Botryprot Prot Eco is a fungicide which acts by contact. It is mainly used against Botrytis and Sclerotina.

    Botryprot can be used in combination with and Pireprot Azaprot.

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  • Cinnaprot

    Cinnaprot is a natural product than contains cinnamon extract, it can be used in organic cultures and it is very powerful to control spider mites and it also regenerates the treated plants.

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    To: €18.00

  • Oidioprot

    Oidioprot is a powder commposed of micro organisms that defend your plants from powdery mildew.

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    To: €15.00

  • EsencialProt

    EsencialProt by Prot Eco is an insecticide and a biological fungicide. It is recommended that treatment against spider mites. It is manufactured from essential citrus plant extracts and oils.

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    From: €8.00

    To: €18.00

  • AntioxiProt

    AntioxiProt is a product that protects the plant and controls the mold of the stem and roots and heads. It is used as a foliar spray. It can be applied every 10 to 15 days.

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