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Reverse osmosis systems

The reverse osmosis system (RO system) is a device that produces pure water from tap water according to the principle of reverse osmosis, hence its name. This system gets the water ride of solutions such as chlorine, sulphate, phosphate, etc.

It also eliminates polluting agents as nitrates and heavy metals (lead, silver, copper, mercury, etc.).

There are different kinds of RO systems: 3, 4 or 5 filter steps.

A really purified water!

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  • Osmopur Osmosis filter 190L/day

    Make yourself your osmosis water! Through reverse osmosis, your water is perfectly pure.

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  • Osmosis filter 175L/day with electrical valve

    The Osmosis filter 175L per day:
    Osmosis in 5 steps 175L per day with an electrical security valve.
    Device allowing to produce osmozed water according to the inverse osmosis process. It limits the water output until the maximum level of the recipient thanks to an electrical security valve (24V). In other words, It automatically prevents a possible flooding.
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  • Osmosis filter Compact Ro Unit 3 steps 120 L / day

    Osmozer compact RO unit 120L/day, 3 stages which allow to obtain osmose water according to the principle of osmosis invers. Remove 99% of water impurities. 

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