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Growth Medium.

Firstly, what's a substrate?

A substrate is a material base, a support, a compost that allows to receive any organic element in order to ensure development and durability. The substrate in which the plant grows is important in order to obtain great yields. It protects the roots from light and let them breathe. The substrate vehicles the nutritive solution to the roots.

In which form do we find substrate?

The substrate can be found in the form of pots, but also in Slabs ( Rockwool, Speed Grow, coconut fibre, ...).

- Organic and earthy substrates: The composts Lightmix and Allmix of the brand Biobizz are alive substrates. It consists of micro-organisms that favour the life and the symbiosis of the roots in the soil. The earth is a complex substrate. It consists of diverse compounds such as humus, perlite, peat, peat moss, etc.)

- The inert substrates: Rockwool, coco from the brand U-Gro ( bags, U-Groc pots, packed, ...), clay pellets, which are generally substrates without nutrients and without (or a few) minerals.

- Germination earth: without fertiliser in order to prevent the seeds and the cuttings from being burned.

- Coconut fibre: This material in the form of bread or untreated that you have to put into pots or in slabs. The coconut fibre is made from a grated coconut peel, treated after. Advantages: reusable if being disinfected between each use. Rather bargain and originally deprived of parasite.

- Clay pellets: This material looks like small brown balls used to recover flower pots. The granules are obtained thanks to a heat treatment of the clay. Expanded clay possesses a good insulating power, what is necessary to protect the roots from any temperature changing. It consists of silica, aluminium oxide, iron oxide and sulphur. Its retention capacity corresponds with 15% in mass. It is usually used for container culture, drip tray systems, and, on a smaller scale, for hydroponic continuous flow systems. Contrary to the rockwool, clay pellets are long-lasting, healthy, organic and ecological substrates.

- Rockwool: The rockwool is a substrate that has to be treated before using. You will have to stabilise the pH to start growing, considering its original pH as very alkaline, close to 7. The slabs will be soaked during 24 hours in a nutritive solution with a pH of 4.5 and an EC of 0.5-0.6 in order to begin a cannabis culture from the seeds without being afraid of seeing that the plantlets have a lack of nutrients from the start.

- Speed Grow: The speed Growcan be found in the form of slab, cube or bags. It is manufactured from earthwool (rockwool and organic matter). Ready to use, you just have to water it with distilled water to finally use it.

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  • Empty jiffy's tray 33mm x 84

    Empty tray with 84 peat pellets positions for jiffy of 33mm of diameter. This tray is ideal to make rooting cuttings or seeds germination of orderly manner.

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  • Bio Green Soil Light Mix 50L

    Biogreen Light Mix is a substrat that contains a minimal amount of nutrients, which makes it an ideal substrate fot growers who prefer to control nutrients.

    Note: Available in store only!

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  • Soil BioBizz LightMix 50 Ltr

    Soil BioBizz LightMix, lightly fertilized, good for the young plants starts, and seeds grow.
    Very good to regulate the plant nutrition.
    Main contituants:
    -Peat moss
    -Sphagnum peat
    -EC: 1.2 mS/cm
    -pH: 6.1 - 6.3
    -RHP Stabilized.
    -Filling volume: 50 Liters
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  • Compressed peat tray diam.33mm Jiffy

    Compressed peat tray diam.33mm Jiffy

    This palls growth when there are moisted, it growth 6 x the initial volume.
    These pellets are very easy to use and successfull rooting medium for the cuttings and the seedling phase.
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  • Compressed coco pellet diam.42mm

    Compressed peat tray diam.42mm

    This palls growth when there are moisted, it growth 6 x the initial volume.
    These pellets are very easy to use and successfull rooting medium for the cuttings and the seedling phase.
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  • Soil BioBizz All Mix 50Ltr

    Soil BioBizz All-Mix, highly fertilized, good to put a renforced and very good rooted plants, in a bloom phase.
    Allows to economise fertilizers during the initial 3 bloom weeks. 
    Ideal for the outdoor transplantations.
    Can be completed with Bat Guano on the solid form..
    Main contituants:
    -Peat moss
    -Sphagnum peat
    -Worm fertilizer 
    -EC: 2.4 mS/cm
    -pH: 6.2 - 6.6
    -Fertilizer contribution: 2.5 Liters 
    -RHP Stabilized.
    -Filling volume: 50 Liters
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  • Lava BAC soil 40L

    Lava BAC soil 40L
    Special soil for the indoor culture. This soil is decontaminated with a stabilized pH, perfect for an optimal plant's feeding.

    This soil have a specific lava powder contain, that is apporting a great natural chelating agents quantities, with an high contain of Magnesium and Calcium, that's avoid a chlorose effect on the plants.

    Lava BAC is a professionnal soil with high performance that allows to rush the best yields by square meter.
    Lava BAC is traited with The Final Solution of BAC. This traitement is avoiding the overdosing of salts on the soil, limiting at the same time the overdosing effects on roots. This traitement is preventing the negative effects of Chlorine (Cl) and Sodium (Na), that are blocking some other and very importants nutrients for the plant.
    The Lava BAC soil is the best option when you are looking for the maximum soil yiels. Its specific and unique composition make of that this soil have a great and very high nutrients disponibility for the plant's roots system.
    Contains perlite to increase the textur.
    The Piranha and Voodoo Juice add is allowing to rush the maximum yields, optimizing the results of your usual fertilizer line.
    Peat moss
    P-G Mix ( NPK:12-14-24)
    Contains: 40 liters
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