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House & Garden

House & Garden

The history of the brand:

House & Garden was born in a little city called Almere near Amsterdam. Its owner William Van de Zwaan has always been an industrial horticulturist and has devoted his life to his passion for gardening and creating high quality fertiliser sold all over the world.

House & Garden has its own research and new product development laboratory.

Each batch of fertilisers is tested in order to ensure its constant quality. They propose a complete nutrition range for plant for every stage of life (rooting, growth, bloom).

House & Garden offers complementary products in addition to the basic fertilisers that will allow to optimise the plant metabolism according to each of its cycles. There are products for any kind of request whether for roots, for the growth, for the bloom or to "recover" some plants.

The stimulators permit to increase the yield by reducing the stress impact and by accelerating the plant metabolism. Do not be surprised that the harvest weight increases by 10 to 25% when stimulators are used for each stage.


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  • House&Garden Component-1 Soil

    House&Garden Component-1 Soil is a basic nutrient well-known for the ease of its use. Its solution is 100 % water-soluble, it permits the transfer of the nutrients from the roots to the leaves to the buds.

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  • House&Garden A&B Soil

    House&Garden A&Bsoil is a fertiliser specially developed for organic soil substrates. It allows nutritive elements to be free for your marijuana plants whenever they need so that they can grow and bloom in harmony.

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  • House&Garden A&B Hydro

    House&Garden A&B Hydrois a fertiliser specially hydroponic and suitable for the cannabis culture into rockwool.

    Composed of two products A and B, Which are really inseparable.

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  • House&Garden A&B Coco

    House&Garden A&B Coco includes 2 inseparable products A & B.

    It is an essential fertiliser specially studied for the coco substrate. A&B Coco can be used during the growth and the bloom.

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    To: £27.74

  • House&Garden A&B Aqua Flakes

    House&Garden A&B Aqua Flakes is a hydroponic fertiliser especialy made for closed systems like NFT, tide tables or aeroponics. You can use it from the beginning of the growth to the end of the bloom.

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  • House&Garden Roots Excelurator

    House&Garden Roots Excelurator is an excellent and powerful root stimulator. 100 % natural. It guaranties to the root growth, health and resistance.

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    To: £50.37


  • House&Garden Amino Treatment 250ML

    Amino Treatment by House & Garden is a powerfull booster and protector for you plants that will provides you a bigger crop.

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