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About Hesi:

Right from the start, high quality has been the most important trademark of Hesi plant nutrients. Valuable additives such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and plant sugars turn each product into a source of health and nourishment for plants.

Thanks to intensive research on the secrets concerning vegetable material processing, Hesi has managed to develop a mixing with added vitamins which is suitable for each lifecycle stage of the plant to add it to nutrients. It has the effect of stimulating and increasing the plant energy, what facilitates the rooting, the growth and the bloom.

HESI has its own well-equipped laboratory for analytical, chemical and analytic research in order to develop more surprising new products with the aim of optimising the cultivation cycle of the plant for the benefit of the customer.

The products of this brand are designed, controlled, packed and directly sent from the factory according to the most modern process. Each loading is rigorously controlled as to its quality in order to avoid any irregularity.

The large set of nutients Hesi for your cannabis plants offers an adapted solution for each culture method. You'll find, for example the Super Vit, which is made up of amino-acids and vitamins and which is used during both the growth and the bloom, but also, the basic fertilisers such as complex grow, complex bloom and all the stimulators (complex root, phosphorus +, PK 13-14).

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  • Hesi PH plus 1L

    Increases the pH level of nutrient solutions for plants. GROWTH AND FLOWERING. Learn More
  • Hesi Boost

    Hesi Boost stimulator that improves the vigor, the production of branches and fortify the plant. With this product, the buds are more compact and resistant.

    Foliar : 1 to 2 ml / L of water.

    Watering : 2 ml / L of water.

    Learn More

    From: £7.23

    To: £10.59

  • HESI Starter Kit soil

    The Hési starter kit pack covers the needs of your plants during all stages of their cultivation. Learn More
  • Hesi Soil TNT Grow

    Hesi Soil TNT Grow is a complete fertiliser for plant growing in soil substrates specially studied for marijuana plants.

    Learn More

    From: £7.30

    To: £21.17

  • Hesi Soil Bloom

    Hesi soil Bloom is a complete fertiliser for blooming plants growing in soil. This fertiliser is perfectly suitable for flowering marijuana.

    Learn More

    From: £8.76

    To: £21.17

  • Hesi Root Complex

    The Hesi Root Complex allows a good root implanting in the soil in order to have better fed plants that will grow healthier and faster.

    Learn More

    From: £12.41

    To: £40.15

  • Hesi Phosphore Plus

    Hesi Phosphor Plus is a blooming additive that gives a phosphorus complement to marijuana plants during their flowering cycle.

    Learn More

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