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What is the bat guano?

The bat guano called Guanokalong is made with natural ingredients of bat excrements. This guano has been packed into caves for hundreds of years and in the meantime, turns into compost. It is really suitable for the organic culture of the products that are intended for consumption (cannabis, fruit, vegetables, ...). You will find the Bat guano in powder, granule or liquid.

It has components rich in trace elements and enzymes. The phosphorus is abundant. The Guanokalong gradually releases minerals, by consequence, the roots cannot be burned.

Guanokalong has developed an entire range of 100% organic stimulators. The palm tree ash powder, rich in potassium, boosts the flowering. The fish powder helps the plants to grow faster and improves the root structure. The marine algae represent a natural stimulant which is extremely powerful. It has to be added to the watering for the liquid solution once a week, by mixing it into the soil or the fertiliser layers for the powder. The cotton seed powder is used in order to maintain the humidity and the nutrients located in sandy and light soils.

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  • GuanoKalong Guano powder1kG

    GuanoKalong Guano powder1kG

    Guanokalong, 100% bat dejections for uncommon results.

    Since centurys, the Incas have discovered the powerfull natural resource that's the guano. The perfect fertilizer to grow and bloom plants. This super organic fertilizer "Guanokalong" improve and performs the taste, the quality and the harvest.

    1 Kilo = 100-200 Liters of soil during the first week.
    50Gr for each plant in 7Liters pot. 
    Outdoor: For 1 plant : 100Gr every 2 months.

    This organic fertilizer contains all the necesary nutrients:
    N: 2%
    P2O5: 15%
    K2O: 2%
    Ca / Mg: 15%
    mG/kG Cu: 15, Zn: 20, Cl: 100

    It's favorises the roots appear and the roots metabolism (good for the cuttings).
    It induces exuberant flowering.
    It's increase the diseases resitance of the plants.
    Performant and easy, for indoros and outdoors.
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  • Guanokalong Taste Improver

    Taste Improver de Guanokalong is a liquid fertilizer 100 % natural that improves taste quality and productivity of your marijuana cultures.

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  • Guanokalong Guano Grains

    Fertilizer 100 % natural composed by bat dejections. It contains all the nutrients needed while grow and bloom cycle of marijuana plants.

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  • GuanoKalong Palm tree ash (0-3-14)

    The Guanokalong Palm tree ash is a potassium-rich fertilizer, perfect to boost flowering time. This product is 100% organic.

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  • GuanoKalong Cotton Seeds (5-2-2) 1L

    GuanoKalong Cotton Seeds (5-2-2) 1L:
    Derived from the cotton plant production.
    The cotton seeds powder is a vegetal source of natural and 100% organic fertilizer, with an high fertilizer containing range, wich are liberated during a longlasting period in the soil.
    Thanks to its high quantity of organic materials, this powder is helping the sanding and light soils to have a better moisture and nutrients retention, in the compacted soil this product is increasing the texture for the roots.
    Manual to use:

    Mix 2 dosis with 15 liter of soil for the first week, or usea this like a fertilizer strate.

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  • GuanoKalong Fish (4-5-1) 1L

    GuanoKalong Fish (4-5-1) 1L:
    Obtained from the tropical fish that is fished on the Java sea.
    The strong nitrogen and phosphor contain is allowing a quick growth with an explosive roots developement, that is increasing the flowers production, the quality and the yield.
    Manual for user:

    - Mix 1 dosis ( 50ml ) with 5 Liters of water.
    - Mix 1 dosis with 15 Liters of soil during the second growth week, or used like a fertizer strate directly above the soil.

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  • GuanoKalong Seaweed (0.5-2-0) 1L

    The Guanokalong seaweed powder is a fertilizer produced based on very rich in micronutrients red algae. This seaweed powder stimulates the root system and the growing phase.

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