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Canna Organics - Bio

What does the organic culture consist in?

The aim of the organic culture is to produce in the long-term and in harmony with nature. The organic growing is based on two basic principles: the non-use of chemical pesticides and the non-use of chemical fertilisers. Canna has created a range of 100% organic products by meeting all the requirements of the organic growing, which means that they are legally controlled and means also an ORGANIC guarantee.

The BIOCANNA products have a low absorption. They stimulate the micro-flora located around the roots, what helps the plant to assimilate nutrients. Easy to use, the organic fertilisers Canna are used as complement to the watering once to twice a week. The range BioCanna is intended for in-ground culture both outdoors and indoors.

The Organic culture is a real revolution, particularly in the field of the medicinal plants use. Effectively, the harvested product will be completely natural and won't contain any chemical residue. In addition, the final taste of the harvest will be better...

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  • Canna Bio-Vega 1 L

    The Canna Bio Vega was specially designed to the growth period of the plant. It's rich in Betain of Nitrogen. 

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  • Canna Bio-Flores 1 Ltr

    Canna bioflores is a organic fertilizers especially created for the blooming period of the plant. 

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  • Canna BIO Rhizotonic

    Bio Rhizotonic is a root stimulator which is 100% organic. It boosts the root growing and improves the plant absorption ability.

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  • Canna Bio Boost

    The BioBoost  from Canna is a booster that can be used from the beginning of the bloom. It contains tropical plant extracts, improves plant metabolism and increases the performance and the quality of your harvests.

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