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About Aptus:

Aptus has proved its worth for 10 years in terms of horticulture and agronomy in the best schools and universities while working with professionals of hydroponic culture.

Aptus-Holland develops and markets fertilisers, soil improvers, anti-insect treatment and diverse stimulators proposed to individuals and professionals.

The range Aptus includes products made for plant care: the range Insect & Soil Care, organics insecticides, while the range Specialty Boosters offers different stimulating products for the growth, the root development and the flowering.

The products coming from the ranges Aptus, Specialty Boosters and Insect & Soil Care have in common the following characteristics:

- high quality products coming from the professional horticulture and agriculture.

- concentrate products

- products composed of many active ingredients

- certified products

The nutrition programme proposed by aptus is complete and simple at the same time. It is intended for responsible gardeners.


Download Aptus oficial cultivation plan - Basic, Pro & Extreme


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  • Micromix Drip 100 ml

    Micromix Drip of Aptus is a mixture of microorganisms and stimulators. It allows improved health of the plant by providing ideal growing conditions.

    Use: 100ml of Micromix for 100L of water.

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  • Soil Attack 100 g

    Soil Attack Granules prevents problems of insects that live in the soil and can damage the root system. Use: Mix 3-4 g / m² in the ground.

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  • Aptus system clean 1L

    Cleaning drip systems.
    System-Clean prevents bacterial attacks and prevents clogging of supply pipes in irrigation systems. Learn More
  • Aptus Basic Pack

    The Basic Pack includes all Aptus stimulators required to cannabis cultivation. Aptus fertilizers are most concentrated in the market.

    This pack contains 6 bottles of 50 ML stimulators and is usable for a culture of 1m ².

    Composed of:

    1 X 50ML Startbooster

    1 X 50ML Regulator 

    1 X 50ML K-Boost

    1 X Top Booster

    1 X Super PK 50ML

    Learn More


  • Aptus All-In-One

    Complete fertilizer 100% organic. Aptus All-in-One releases progressively all the nutrients your marijuana needs during 10/12 weeks.

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    From: £3.65

    To: £25.55



  • Aptus All-In-One liquid

    Aptus ALL-IN-ONE is a NPK liquid fertilizer full for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors. Pure Fertilizer, complete with a mineral base and without acids or chlorides added.

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    From: £2.56

    To: £113.15


  • Aptus Startbooster

    Starbooster is a powerful root stimulator. it allowes a good rate of growth for your marijuana plants.

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    From: £7.67

    To: £69.35


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