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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients

About Advanced Nutrients:

Advanced Nutrients Ltd. was founded in Canada in 1996 and has grown to become the worldwide market leader in specific nutrients for cannabis plants.

Advanced Nutrients has employed a team of 5 Ph.D. researchers who has developed a line of more than 80 products especially made for the cannabis plant growing by exploiting the latest advances about the plant sciences and by incorporating full-spectrum macro-and-micro-nutrients, amino acids, hormones, vitamins, enzymes, yeast and yeast extracts, microbes, bacteria and fungi. Advanced Nutrients also offers natural products to struggle against insects, molds, fungi, bacteria, and other factors that contribute to crop failure.

Advanced Nutrients has the world's largest hydroponics nutrient research and development program with 16 plant science research and development labs with over 100 dedicated 1000-watt HPS and MH bulbs.

The highest grade nutrients sourced from the best suppliers around the world emploies full-time production chemists to ensure product consistency and quality.

Advanced Nutrients Europe was founded in 2003 by Curt Thurston to import and distribute the Advanced Nutrients line and other innovative products throughout Europe.

Take advantage of our reduced price quality! Up to -45% on some fertilisers and additives


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  • Sensi Coco Grow A+B

    Sensi Coco Grow is a growth fertilizer in two parts A + B specific to the coco substrate culture. It's a formula pH perfect of Advanced Nutrients that keeps the pH stable for a week.

    Dosage: 2 ml / L.

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    From: €28.00

    To: €76.90

  • Sensi Coco Bloom A+B

    Sensi Coco Bloom is a flowering fertilizer in two parts A + B specific to the coco substrate culture. It's a formula pH perfect of Advanced Nutrients that keeps the pH stable for a week.

    Dosage: 2 ml / L.

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    From: €28.00

    To: €76.90

  • Big Bud Coco

    Big Bud coco :
    Spécifique pour la culture en substrat de Coco. Advanced Nutrients a consacré plusieurs années à l'étude approfondie des plantes de cannabis.
    Le Big Bud a fait l'objet de recherches et de tests pratiques minutieux qui en font un produit ciblant spécifiquement les plantes courtes en floraison.
    Lors de tests, le Big Bud a surpassé tous ces concurrents.
    La raison de son succès en sont les ratios très précis de phosphore, de potassium, de magnésium et d'acides aminés qu'il contient.
    Le Big Bud augmente de façon spectaculaire la croissance des têtes, leur grosseur, leur poids, leur densité et leur production de résine.

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    From: €11.50

    To: €117.00

  • Connoisseur Grow A+B (pH Perfect)

    Complete, high quality liquid fertilizer for cannabis crops in hydroponics that regulates pH alone.

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  • Connoisseur Bloom A+B (pH Perfect)

    Complete flowering liquid fertilizer, of the highest quality for cannabis cultivation in hydroponics which regulates pH on it´s own.

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    From: €34.00

    To: €106.20


  • Voodoo Juice

    Voodoo Juice contains 5 microbes that increase bio-availability of the nutrients and fix nitrogen.

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    From: €17.80

    To: €226.80


  • Bud Candy

    Bud Candy increases sugar content and aroma of your marijuana buds. It makes your harvest heavier and more resinous.

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    From: €8.50

    To: €28.00



  • Big Bud

    Big Bud is a bloom booster. It increases flowers growing and permits bigger and sticky buds

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    From: €11.50

    To: €130.00


  • Rhino Skin 1L

    Rhino Skin 1L:
    Rhino Skin will substantially strengthen and boost your plants vigor by increasing cell wall stability.
    Our weekly tissue analysis has shown dichotomous short day plants use almost as much silicon as iron. Potassium silicate will help produce a super robust plant. Rhino Skin is the only pH balanced Potassium silicate.
    Dosage: 2ML/L
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  • B52

    B-52 is especially formulated to give plants a super boost of energy by raising the plants metabolism. B-52 increases nutrient uptake by providing naturally occurring hormones and vitamins that plants could never get elsewhere. B-52 is ideal for hydroponic, soil and sphagnum moss or any other growing medium. In reservoirs or as foliar spray or as a stand alone supplemental feeding, B-52 can and should be used during your plants entire lifetime from seed or cutting to harvest.

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    From: €41.00

    To: €137.70


  • Bud Ignitor

    Bud Ignitor speeds up buds maturation and increases their productivity. It can be used during the first 2 weeks of flowering.

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    From: €21.00

    To: €238.90


  • Iguana Juice Bloom

    Iguana Juice Bloom is an organic liquid fertilizer specially studied for marijuana blooming. It offers an exceptional productivity and tastes and olors that only organic culture permits.

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    From: €16.90

    To: €55.00


  • Iguana Juice Grow

    Iguana Juice - Grow is an organic liquid fertilizer that permits a speed and healthy grow and a goot root implantation.

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  • Nirvana

    Nirvana is an organic product that contain all the amino acids needed for a good development of your marijuana plants, contains also plants extracts that increase plant's metabolism.

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    From: €7.00

    To: €20.00


  • Overdrive

    Overdrive is a bloom booster that improves performance and quality of your production and increases buds density.

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    From: €11.00

    To: €103.50


  • SensiZym

    Sensizym contains more than 80 enzymes that increase dead roots decomposition and allow a better absorption of the nutrients and a faster grow for your marijuana plants.

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    From: €9.90

    To: €31.00


  • Tarantula liquid

    Tarantula is avery concentrated bacterial mix that will form a symbiosis with your marijuana plant's roots in order to obtain healthier and resistant plants.

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    From: €33.00

    To: €61.00


  • Piranha liquid

    Advanced Nutrients Piranha is a mix of 24 fungi that colonize the root zone and improvethe nutrients assimilation by the roots through a symbiotic interaction.

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    From: €19.00

    To: €67.00


  • Sensi Bloom A+B

    Sensi Bloom Advanced Nutrients is a fertilizer in two parts (A and B) specifically designed for the flowering period. It has been extensively studied and tested to obtain a product that provides more consistent heavy yields.

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    From: €26.00

    To: €82.80


  • Sensi Grow A+B

    Sensi Grow in Parts A + B 2 especially designed for the growth period of the plant. Advanced Nutrients tested extensively for its products that they provide more consistent and regular returns. This is a perfect fertilizer pH.

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