Stimulators and aditives
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Stimulators and aditives

What is an additive or a stimulator?

The additives or the stimulators are complementary products in addition to basic fertilisers that will allow to optimise the plant metabolism of each stage (rooting, growth, bloom). They permit to increase the yield and the qulity of the harvests by reducing the stress impact and by accelerating the plant metabolism.

Thanks to these complementary products, you can increase your harvest weight by 10 to 25%. Many brands propose addititives and stimulators: Aptus, Advanced Nutrients, Hy-Pro, Biobizz, Canna, House & Garden, Hesi, No Mercy, Supply, ...

You will also find out in this category about organic enriching agents such as the GuanoKalong, earthworm humus, marine algae, etc that we can directly mix into soil. All these products are 100% organic and are intended to improve the soil quality, and to be more precise, the quality of your culture.

Other products such as Co2 pastilles or the Co2 generators called Co2 Boost Generator are available. These products are used to make your plants recover in case of stopping its development that can be provoked by high temperatures or a room that is not well-ventilated.

The team is entirely at your disposal by email at, through comments, telephone at the 0034/972.55.68.69 or in the shop in order to turn you towards the products of your choice.

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  • Hesi Phosphore Plus

    Hesi Phosphor Plus is a blooming additive that gives a phosphorus complement to marijuana plants during their flowering cycle.

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    From: €10.00

    To: €29.00

  • Micromix Drip 100 ml

    Micromix Drip of Aptus is a mixture of microorganisms and stimulators. It allows improved health of the plant by providing ideal growing conditions.

    Use: 100ml of Micromix for 100L of water.

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  • Hesi Boost

    Hesi Boost stimulator that improves the vigor, the production of branches and fortify the plant. With this product, the buds are more compact and resistant.

    Foliar : 1 to 2 ml / L of water.

    Watering : 2 ml / L of water.

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    From: €9.90

    To: €14.50

  • Ádamas Labradorite

    Ádamas Labradorite is a vitamin product for the bloom of the brand Excellent Nutrients. Solution based on micro-nutrients (B) and vegetable amino acids of short chain.
    Use: from the 2nd to the 4th week of flowering from 2 to 4 ml / l.

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    From: €22.00

    To: €29.00

  • Aptus system clean 1L

    Cleaning drip systems.
    System-Clean prevents bacterial attacks and prevents clogging of supply pipes in irrigation systems. Learn More
  • Hesi PH plus 1L

    Increases the pH level of nutrient solutions for plants. GROWTH AND FLOWERING. Learn More
  • Bio green Flower boost (poudre)

    The Bio Green Booster is now available on, a new one that will delight more than one! Learn More
  • ClonFix 50mL

    Hesi ClonFix is a solution of rooting hormone in a viscous form, which ensures the fast rooting of cuttings. ClonFix contains a synthetic rooting hormone that works like natural rooting hormones. Learn More

  • Mobet savon potassique

    Utilisable en agriculture biologique, le Mobet de Pro-Eco agit comme agent hydratant et possède un effet protecteur, il favorise l'état général de la culture ainsi que sa qualité. Utilisable en spray foliaire, le Mobet aidera vos plantes à produire l'énergie suffisante pour lutter contre les attaques d'insectes, les maladies et les conditions climatiques qui peuvent parfois être difficiles. Learn More

    From: €9.00

    To: €18.00

  • MycosmoZ (BIOZMOZ)

    Mycosmoz est un produit naturel, riche en microorganismes (mycorhizes) sélectionnés pour améliorer l'équilibre biologique du sol et la solution minérale des plantes. C'est un mélange de mycorhizes et de bactéries. Learn More

    From: €9.90

    To: €49.90

  • BactosmoZ (BIOZMOZ)

    BactosmoZ est une préparation bactérienne (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens M4) spécialement élaborée pour être utilisée en synergie avec BiosmoZ. 100% soluble et utilisable en agriculture biologique, il accroit la résistance des plantes. Learn More

    From: €9.90

    To: €49.90

  • Aptus Basic Pack

    The Basic Pack includes all Aptus stimulators required to cannabis cultivation. Aptus fertilizers are most concentrated in the market.

    This pack contains 6 bottles of 50 ML stimulators and is usable for a culture of 1m ².

    Composed of:

    1 X 50ML Startbooster

    1 X 50ML Regulator 

    1 X 50ML K-Boost

    1 X Top Booster

    1 X Super PK 50ML

    Learn More


  • Aptus Startbooster

    Starbooster is a powerful root stimulator. it allowes a good rate of growth for your marijuana plants.

    Learn More

    From: €10.50

    To: €95.00


  • Aptus TopBooster

    Aptus  an TopBooster is organoleptic stimulator that improves your harvest quality and increases taste and smell.

    Learn More

    From: €11.50

    To: €115.00


  • Aptus Super-Pk

    Flowering booster concentrated in phosphorus, and potassium. NPK : 0-20-25

    Learn More

    From: €8.25

    To: €45.00



  • Bud Candy

    Bud Candy increases sugar content and aroma of your marijuana buds. It makes your harvest heavier and more resinous.

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    From: €8.50

    To: €28.00



  • BioBizz Root-Juice 0.25Ltr

    BioBizz Root-Juice is an organic root booster that produces an explosive development of the roots and improves the plant's absorption.

    Learn More
  • House&Garden Algen Extract 1 Liter

    Algen Extract is clone's growth stimulator that give to your marijuana plants, the minerals they need  to be resistant and to grow fast.

    Learn More
  • BioBizz Worm Humus 40L

    Worm-Humus is a fertilizer composed by earthworm's excreta, a high quality product that improves the soil stucture and porosity.

    Learn More
  • Canna Rhizotonic 1 Ltr

    Canna Rhizotonic is a root fertilizer which stimulates root development and increases resistance against diseases. It is ideal for all growing media: soil, coco, Hydroponic, etc.

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