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In order to obtain great harvests, it is very important to give your plants high quality fertilisers such as the ones from Advanced Nutrients, Aptus, ... with the aim of promoting the growth as well as the blooming.

It exists organics fertilisers (with a slow absorption) such as the Iguana Juice Bloom, Iguana Juice Grow, Bio Vega, Bio Flores, ...  and organic-mineral fertilisers (with a quick absoption) like the Hesi complex TNT, Hesi floraison, Terra Flores and Terra Vega.

You'll find solid and liquid organic fertilisers, as well as complete and profesionnal lines, each one working with specific cannabis growing plan.

We also propose you stimulators, designed by Aptus (see the video below). They complement the fertilisers and facilitate the nutrient absorption by the plants. They bring mineral and organic complements in order to increase its yield and its gustatory quality.


Practical information:

On our fertilisers, numbers are written this way:4-1-8. That means : 4% of N (Nitrogen), 1% of P (Phosphorus), 8% of K (Potassium).

Fertiliser needs for the cannabis are simple, but change according to different periods (growth/flowering). - Early in its life, it needs root-stimulators like the StartBooster of Aptus, the Voodoo Juice of Advanced Nutrients or the Hesi complex racinaire of Hesi.

-During the growth period, you will have to give your plants specific fertilisers rich in Nitrogen as the Terra Vega of Canna, the Complex croissance of Hesi, the Iguana Juice Grow of Advanced Nutrients, ...

- During the flowering period, your plant will need Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). However, the Nitrogen rate has to be as low as possible. Be careful! An over-fertilisation is very bad for your plant. Thus, you have to respect prescribed doses!

You can also use fertiliser complements including trace elements that are necessary for your plant: boron (b), molybdenum (Mo), cobalt (Co), Iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), ... All of these complements are proposed throughout the ranges of fertilisers or high quality boosters such as Aptus, Advanced Nutrients, House & Garden, ...

We are entirely at your disposal by email at, through comments, telephone at the 0034/972.55.68.69 or in the shop in order to turn you towards the nutrient selection that you need for your culture.

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  • GuanoKalong Guano powder1kG

    GuanoKalong Guano powder1kG

    Guanokalong, 100% bat dejections for uncommon results.

    Since centurys, the Incas have discovered the powerfull natural resource that's the guano. The perfect fertilizer to grow and bloom plants. This super organic fertilizer "Guanokalong" improve and performs the taste, the quality and the harvest.

    1 Kilo = 100-200 Liters of soil during the first week.
    50Gr for each plant in 7Liters pot. 
    Outdoor: For 1 plant : 100Gr every 2 months.

    This organic fertilizer contains all the necesary nutrients:
    N: 2%
    P2O5: 15%
    K2O: 2%
    Ca / Mg: 15%
    mG/kG Cu: 15, Zn: 20, Cl: 100

    It's favorises the roots appear and the roots metabolism (good for the cuttings).
    It induces exuberant flowering.
    It's increase the diseases resitance of the plants.
    Performant and easy, for indoros and outdoors.
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  • GuanoKalong Fish (4-5-1) 1L

    GuanoKalong Fish (4-5-1) 1L:
    Obtained from the tropical fish that is fished on the Java sea.
    The strong nitrogen and phosphor contain is allowing a quick growth with an explosive roots developement, that is increasing the flowers production, the quality and the yield.
    Manual for user:

    - Mix 1 dosis ( 50ml ) with 5 Liters of water.
    - Mix 1 dosis with 15 Liters of soil during the second growth week, or used like a fertizer strate directly above the soil.

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  • Guanokalong Grow 1L

    Can be used in Earth and Coco. Organic material in Guanokalong Bloom ensures controlled release of nutrients.
    Stimulates the microbial life present in the substrate.
    Not aggressive for roots.
    Composition NK 2.5-6
    Made only with organic materials.
    Use 1-2 mL / L during growth and 1-2 mL / L during the first two weeks of flowering.

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  • Metrop MAM8 1Lt

    Metrop MAM8 1Lt

    METROP is a dutch profesional fertiliser, worldwide recognized.

    MAM8 is a high quality plant's nutrient, wich contains all the fertilisers and oligo-elements, macro-elements that are necessary for the plants wich produces continually clons.  

    -Ensures a sufficient presence of phosphor to obtain a continuous root's growth.
    -Ensures a sufficient presence of magnesium for an optimal chlorophylle and proteins synthesis.
    -Increase the stress resistance.
    -Is specially adapted with a enrichment with fertilisers and oligo-elements to counter the cuttings prelevement effects.
    -Had been adapted with Kelpak to ensures an optimal acompaignement for the growth.
    -Colorants free, not mixed with water: the product is composed by the puriest basis elements.
    -No limit date of use.
    Use mode:

    Apply on the soiil with drop water in a dilution of 50ml/100 Liters of water one time per week, add CalGreen in dilution of 20ml/100Liters of water.
    On cocos subrate, apply with the drop water depending of plant's needs with a CalGreen's dilution of 20 mL/100 Liters of water.
    In hydroponics apply at less 5 times by day with a dilution of 75ml/100 Liters of water. It's possible to combinate with a dosis of CalGreen in dilution of 20mL/100 Liters of water.

    This fertiliser line is composed by 5 diferent components that represent all that the plant needs.

    The advantages over the traditionnal fertilisers:

    - The price. The METROP fertiliser is 5 to 10x more concentred than the other fertiliser labels. More expensive at the buy, this fertiliser are more economic at the cumulated use.

    - The minerals, oligo-elements, amined acids, micro-nutrients extremely pure and highly available for the plants.

    - Not peremption date. The METROP fertilisers are not dilued with water and it have a best conservation lifetime.

    -The fertilisers contains tampon agents that equilibrates the feed water.
    The yellow leaves are finished!
    You fellow week after week the nutrient sheme, and you will obtain the very expected results.
    To have more iinformation, visit this web page.


    de 1:2000 à 1:1500
     to 50mL until 75mL / 100L of water

    NPK: 20-20-20
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  • Hesi PH Down Bloom

    Hesi Ph Down bloom is a solution of phosphoric acid concentrated used to reduce the nutritive solution pH during the bloom cycle of your marijuana plants.

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  • Hesi PH Down grow

    Hesi Ph Down Grow is a solution of Nitric acid concentrated in 38 % that allows to lower Ph of a solution in period of growth.

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  • Micromix Drip 100 ml

    Micromix Drip of Aptus is a mixture of microorganisms and stimulators. It allows improved health of the plant by providing ideal growing conditions.

    Use: 100ml of Micromix for 100L of water.

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  • Soil Attack 100 g

    Soil Attack Granules prevents problems of insects that live in the soil and can damage the root system. Use: Mix 3-4 g / m² in the ground.

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  • Hesi Boost

    Hesi Boost stimulator that improves the vigor, the production of branches and fortify the plant. With this product, the buds are more compact and resistant.

    Foliar : 1 to 2 ml / L of water.

    Watering : 2 ml / L of water.

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    From: €9.90

    To: €14.50

  • Sensi Coco Grow A+B

    Sensi Coco Grow is a growth fertilizer in two parts A + B specific to the coco substrate culture. It's a formula pH perfect of Advanced Nutrients that keeps the pH stable for a week.

    Dosage: 2 ml / L.

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    From: €28.00

    To: €85.45

  • Sensi Coco Bloom A+B

    Sensi Coco Bloom is a flowering fertilizer in two parts A + B specific to the coco substrate culture. It's a formula pH perfect of Advanced Nutrients that keeps the pH stable for a week.

    Dosage: 2 ml / L.

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    From: €28.00

    To: €85.39

  • Ádamas Agate

    Ádamas Agate Excellent Nutrients is a root stimulator that promotes better absorption of nutrients by the plant.
    Use: During the whole period of plant growth, from 2 to 4 ml / l.

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    Promo Prix normal €35.00

    From: €17.50

    To: €29.50

  • Ádamas Ceylon

    Ádamas Ceylon is an Excellent Nutrients flowering stimulator that promotes head enlargement and resin production.
    Use: from the floral bloom to the rinsing of 2 to 4 ml / l.

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    Promo Prix normal €27.00

  • Ádamas Jadeite Grow

    Ádamas Jadeite Grow is a fertilizer of the brand Excellent Nutrients specially designed for the growth of the cannabis plant. For faster growth and maximum production.
    Use: During the whole growth phase of 2 to 4 ml / l.

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    Promo Prix normal €19.00

  • Ádamas Jadeite Bloom

    Ádamas Jadeite Bloom is a mineral bio fertilizer of Excellent Nutrients for a good development of flowering and a maximum production.
    Use: During the first 2 weeks of flowering 2 to 4 ml / l.

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    Promo Prix normal €19.00

  • Ádamas Nacre Grow

    Ádamas Nacre Grow of Excellent Nutrients is a plant-based nutrient base for growth.
    Use: During the whole growth phase of 2 to 4 ml / l.

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    Promo Prix normal €22.50

  • Ádamas Nacre Bloom

    Ádamas Nacre Bloom is a plant-based nutrient base for flowering. It promotes the absorption of the most important micro-elements. 100% Quality.
    Use: from 3 to 5 ml / l during the first 2 weeks of flowering.

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    Promo Prix normal €20.00

  • Ádamas Peridot

    Ádamas Peridot from Excellent Nutrients is a corrective solution for excess salinity in soils and irrigation water.
    Use: Throughout the culture until rinsing 2 to 4 ml / l.

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    Promo Prix normal €21.00

  • Ádamas Labradorite

    Ádamas Labradorite is a vitamin product for the bloom of the brand Excellent Nutrients. Solution based on micro-nutrients (B) and vegetable amino acids of short chain.
    Use: from the 2nd to the 4th week of flowering from 2 to 4 ml / l.

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  • Promo Prix normal €37.00

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