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We propose high quality growboxes such as Dark Room, Dark Street, Dark Tent, Dark GT, Dark Propagator.

Growing tents are now available in many dimensions: 60x60x160 cm, 90x90x180 cm, 100x100x200 cm, 120x120x200 cm, etc.

The growing room has inside walls in Mylar High reflectivity. The growbox allow you to manage the air volume that goes in the plant foliage. This way, you can control the climate located inside the tent.

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  • Dark Box 80X80X160 cm Grow Tent

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    Dark Box is an 80x80x160 cm culture cabinet with high reflective Mylar lining. With its multiple openings and solid frame, this well designed cabinet offers a very good value for money.

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  • Armoire de culture Dark Box 240x120x200 cm

    Dark Box is a culture cabinet of 240x120x200 cm with a high interior reactivity in Mylar high reactivity. With its multiple openings and solid frame, this well - designed cabinet offers very good value / price ratio.

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  • Culture tent Dark Box 120X120X200 cm

    The Dark Box is a growing room of 120x120x200 cm with an indoor Mylar coating. With its numerous openings and its solid frame, this very well designed tent offers a good value for money.

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  • Culture propagator tent DarkRoom 2.5 90X60X90 cm

    Secret Garden's DarkRoom Propagator 90X60X90 cm culture cabinet is lined with new hammered Mylar fabric (210M), making it more robust than previous versions.
    This cabinet is intended for the germination of cannabis seeds, growth, cuttings. Thanks to its small size, it can put itself in cramped places.

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  • Culture tent Pure Tent 240X120X200 CM

    The culture tent PURE TENT 240X120X200 centimeters by The Pure factory is ideal for placing two 400 or 600W lights.

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  • Culture tent DarkRoom 2.5 90X90X185 cm

    The culture tent DarkRoom 2.5 90X90X180 cm de Secret Jardin is lined with a new fabric hammered Mylar (210M), which makes it more robust than previous versions. This tent is pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, and is equipped with tubes and accessories that allow the suspension of the lamp and the carbon filter.

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