Smell treatments
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Smell treatments

In this category, you will find all the products that mask or kill. The spray model reactivates your active carbon filter. We have also the gel and vaporizer version.

These treatments that inhibit unpleasant odours are efficient and will ensure you not to have cannabis smell home. They are also effective for tabacco smells and other unwanted emanations. We offer several brands of deodorizers such as Ona, Brimex, Davania, Citrus, Magic, Vapotrek, etc.

We also propose electric ionizers that inhibit odours.

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  • Recharge "The Neutralizer" Road Kit

    Liquid refill 20mL for device "the neutralizer" Road Kit. Learn More
  • Carbon Filter Can-Lite 1000m3/h ø200mm

    Characteristics: Power: 1000m3 / hour. Diameter: 200 mm. Length: 56 cm. Life time: 18 months. Weight: 13,25kg

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  • Ona Block Pro

    Ona Block Pro:
    Ona Block is used as a stand-alone odor neutralizer.
    It is safe to use around plants, people and pets and is environmentally friendly.
    Directions for use:

    Simply open the cap and place in your desired location.
    Regulate the strength by exposing more or less surface to the air by poking holes in the cap.

    Garbage collection area, gym bag, smoking rooms, cars, boats, kitchens, cupboards, offices, aeration vents.
    Ona is a complex formula using essential oil technology to destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non organic odors.
    Ona is not a masking agent, it neutralizes odor.
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  • Ona Block Polar Crystal

    The Ona Block Polar Crystal is a natural neutralizer of smells made with essential oils. It is easy to use, just open the cover to the product for starts its effect.

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  • Ona Block fresh Linen

    The Ona Block Fresh Linen is a completely natural odor neutralizer easy to use. Just open the cover to its anti-odor action begins.

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  • Ona Block Apple Crumble

    Ona Block Apple Crumble is a natural odor neutralizer based on essential oil. It is easy to use, just open the cover for its action takes effect.

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  • "The Neutralizer" compact Kit

    "The Neutralizer" compact kit is an electric device diffusing a secret mixture based on essential oils. It is THE solution against your crop odor problems. It is easy to use and effective up to 6 weeks of continuous use and for a surface of 15 to 20 m3.

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  • The neutralizer Complete kit

    The complete kit The Neutralizer is the solution against your odors problems. It has been elaborate from essential oils. It is effective from the first hour of use. He was voted Best Product at the 2013 European Product Award at GrowMed.

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  • Active carbon filter Can-Lite 425M3 Ø125MM

    Carbon Filter  Can Lite  D125MM.

    The model of carbon filter Can-Lite made in plastic is very light and ultra efficient.

    Carbon filters Can-Lite of mark Can-Filters use a typify of very light coal and very efficient filtration for odors.

    Can Lite carbon filter should not be used in humidity beyond 80% to ensure a life of 18 months.

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  • Active carbon filter Eco Edition diam 125mm

    Carbon active filter Eco Edition diam 125mm, 40cm
    Carbon filter, this filter kills 85% of the culture smell, the filters are equiped with a polen filter.
    You can put any smell killer to make completely inodor air traitement.
    It have a life time of 9 to 18 months.
    The most part of the models are recyclables, with a soak recharge.
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  • Ionizer Jordan 12V for cars

    Ionizer Jordan 12V for cars
    The air purifier AirButtler Jordan has been concepted for all the close habitacle vehicules.
    Practical, the Ionizer Jordan can be plugged directly on the lighter plug of the car.
    All the toxic substances contained in the habitacle air, disapears.
    During the car is rolling, the air purifier Jordan runs in continious and it ensures a good quality of the air, the light are showing green color.
    If the car stops, the air purifier stops too automaticaly.
    The air enrichement with ozon and negative ions, increases the concentration and reduces the fatigue.
    The ionized air gives you an enjoyable good being sensation!

    Taniks to its dust collector, polen, allergens, bacterias are fixed.
    Electrical feeding: 12V lighter plug
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  • Carbon Filter prima Klima 360-400M3 D125MM

    Carbon Filter  Prima Klima 360-400M3 D125MM
    The model of carbon filter Prima Klima is very efficient.
    Carbon filters Prima Klima use a typify of coal very efficient for filtration of the odors.
    Prima Klima carbon filter should not be used in humidity beyond 80% to ensure a life of 9 months.
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  • Carbon Filter Can-Lite 2000m3/h D250mm

    The coal-based filter Can-Lite is a very powerful filter anti-smel necessary lfor a big installation. It is endowed 250 mm in diameter for a strong power of extraction of 2000m3 / hour.

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  • The neutralizer compact replacement cartrige

    Refill for The Neutralizer 40ml compact, it contains a complex blend of premium quality essential oils. There are more than a hundred different components in this mix.

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  • €79.00
  • Pure Factory air purifier (ionizer)

    The Pure Factory air purifier (Ionizer) is a very useful device for maintaining healthy indoor air clean ans odorless. It absorbs dust and odor particles in the air.

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