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Ultrasonic decontaminate cool-mist humidifiers

The ultrasonic humidifiers are perfect for the indoor cannabis culture. They produce a cool mist without infectious agents.

These devices allow to regulate the hygrometry of the environment of the growing plants for better results and for the beginning of the flowering. This is an excellent tool for the mother-plant maintenance, but also for the cutting acclimatization when going out of the mini greenhouses.

Most of the humidifiers has a power controller. Some of them has also a hygrometer that allows to accurately regulate the device work in order to obtain the required hygrometry value. We propose vaporizer models from the Mist maker 1 head (to be put into a bucket, with the humidifier model with an integrated fan.

It is strongly recommended to use distilled water to avoid calcification problems that would damage the device.

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  • Humidificateur d'air Ultrasonique 8L Pure Factory

    L'humidificateur d'air Pure factory est un humidificateur qui dispose d'un réservoir d'une capacité de 8 litres, il est très pratique en croissance et en début de floraison. Learn More
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier Pure Factory 4L

    Ultrasonic humidifier Pure Factory 4L controls the lack of moisture in our culture, essential for the optimization.

    Keeping regulated humidity will immediately see the "joy" they feel to be in your environment.

    It has a reservoir with capacity of 4 litres and a range of up to 12 hours.

    Use only demineralized water, to avoid damage of calcification is recommended.

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  • Ultrasonic Mist-Maker 1 Cell kit

    Ultrasonic Mist-Maker 1 cell kit

    Ultrasonic mist-maker 1 head.
    Robust and easy conception for a good lifetime.
    This mist-maker have on the head a water présence detector, that cuts the electric circuit when thre water level is too much empty to continue the mist-made.

    This mist-maker run very good with the floater that is made for to obtain the maximum fog as possible. With the floater the head of the mist-maker is adjusted with the water level permanently, staying just under the surface at the perfect deepness.

    You can use the specific potenciometer to regulate the mist production.

    Autonomy : it's depend of the capacity of water tank and the use of a specific potenciometer
    Size of the reservoir : at free choice
    Regulation : 330 ml/h
    System : Ultrasonics
    Sel with a floater, rechange ceramic and anti-splash piece.
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  • Ultrasonic Mist-Maker Cornwall 6L

    Ultrasonic Mist-Maker Cornwall 6L

    The Mist maker Cornwall is an humidifier with integrated ionizer wich is delivring a cold mist.
    It's equiped with a 6 liter reservoir with 15 hours of autonomy longlasting. 
    This humidifier is very quiet, its mist flux is adjustable and it's contains a water level indicator.
    Technical datas:
    - Maximum mist flux : 400ml/h.
    - Maximum traitement volume: Until 130M3.
    - Reservoir capacity: 6L.
    - Consumption: 35W.
    - Autonomy: 15 hours.
    - Water level indicator: Yes.
    - Color: White (transparent reservoir)
    It's counselled to use the mist maker only with desmineralized water, to prevent several dammages in the transductor.
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  • Floater for a simply head Mist-Maker

    Floater for a simply head Mist-Maker

    Floater that allows at the mist-head to follow the water level. Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Ceramic head for Mist-Maker

    Ceramic head for Mist-Maker

    Deliver with the mount and demount key. Learn More
  • Anti-Splash for Mist-Maker head

    Anti-Splash for Mist-Maker head

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