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Climate Controllers

The climate controllers are professional devices created to regulate the extractor and intractor output which manages the renewal of the air in grow tents or in other growing areas.

They are usually well-equipped with a power setting control and with a thermostat. The most elaborated models are also able to control the air under-pressure in the growing room and to manage the humidity located in the room. Thanks to the control modules, your putting up can be perfectly set in order to obtain a better yielding production of your cannabis culture.

Some models of controller such as the digital UCI can control the temperature thanks to a remote probe, the lighting to 6 X 400W or 4 X 600W, the irrigation (per minute), the intraction and extraction. All of them are composed of an alarm, a screen with the time displayed and a plug to connect for example a heating.


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  • Luxmetre Benetech GM1010

    The Benetech brand is reliable and economical.
    Measurement range: 0-200,000 lux
    Learn More

  • Cli-mate Fan Controller

    Ventilation controller. Dutch quality Learn More
  • Climate Controller Cli-mate 12A

    Controller of climate, temperature and ventilation. Dutch quality. Learn More
  • Digital thermometer / hygrometer

    Digital Thermometer / hygrometer with maxima / minima and time display. This device allows you to control the temperature and humidity and mini maxi in your culture box. It gives precise measurement in real time.

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  • Thermo-hygromètre Kenex KNX

    Thermo-hygrometer Kenex KNX is a measuring device with a movable sensor measuring 1.8m measuring the humidity and temperature within your growing space. Learn More

    Regular Price: €22.00

    Promo €16.50

  • Digital climat controler GSE 1 extractor with power control

    Digital climat controler GSE 1 extractor with power control
    Very precise climat controller for 1 extractor. you should regulate the needed temperature on a button, and the motor makes the work alone.
    The power control allows to reduce the motor's work at any level. If respecting ce presetted power, the temperature is climbing up again, the motor put automaticaly the power at 100%.
    The power control can make the gestory of a big extractor.
    One electric output.
    Temperature setting range; to 20 until 30°C.
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  • Climat control digital GSE for two extractors with underpresure control

    Climat control digital GSE for 2 extractors with underpresure control

    Climat controller for 2 extractors or for a couple extractor/intractor.
    This professional machine allows to regulate the room temperature putting on the extractor at the good moment to obtain the best temperature as posible.
    Automatic modulation of the power of your extractors/intractor depending of the temperature and it makes the room's underpresure.
    The digital fan controler is depending of the temperature for the rooms with external and internal air circulation. The fan controler mantain a constant ambiental temperature with an underpresure to keep the smells looses. It can be regulated easely: to buttons to adjust the temperature preset and the underpresure preset. This fan can be used to regulate the external temperature to. This controler is ready for use, just plug and play. Is fiable, selled complete with a waterproof cover, electric output with a capot, and with a low tension sond, perfectly safe for moist room. The sond is mounted on a 4 meters cable, but you can extend it until 50 meters long.
    Reference : ACC2DV

    Controller box for climat with separated presets for two fans ( extractor and intractor).
    # External temperature sensor
    # Intraction speed is adjustable
    # 1 temperature adjust
    # 2 electric outputs (2 x 4A/230V) piloted separaly for the two fan motors.
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