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The accessories:

You will find in this category all the accessories you could need the control climate materials intended for your cannabis growing. For example, we can propose you extractor support to fix to the wall or the little electric devices as thermostats, thermometers and digital hygrometers.

In this category, you will also find hose clamps used to connect the pipes (Aluconnect, Comboded or Sonoair) to the extractor.

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  • £0.80
  • Analogic Timer LEGRAND Omnirex european plug

    Analogic Timer LEGRAND Omnirex
    Very high quality analogic timer.
    Very robust, we specially indicates this timer to start your 400W and 600W HPS Lamps.
    Its fiability don't causes matters on your culture.
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  • Digital thermometer / hygrometer

    Digital Thermometer / hygrometer with maxima / minima and time display. This device allows you to control the temperature and humidity and mini maxi in your culture box. It gives precise measurement in real time.

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  • £9.49
  • Mecanical timer 3500W Slots

    Mecanical timer 3500W Slots
    Analogic timer.
    Every slot have a 15 minutes value.
    This timer can be used for the permanent recirculation systems or every system that uses long lasting drips and/or alternate and frequently drips.
    It can be used to light on the CFL bulbs, and for the regulation of extractors or ventilators.
    Is not counselled to start HPS lamps of 400W and 600W power (look for the LEGRAND Omnirex model).
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  • Support RVK D200

    RVK 200 wall fixing kit:
    Allows to fix on the wall one tubular RVK type extractor with a 200mm diameter.
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