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Climate control

The climatic control is one of the most important indoor horticulturist's goal to optimise the growth and bloom of his plants. The temperature and the relative humidity are two very considerable factors as far as the cannabis culture is concerned, as for the other plants.

All the carbon that constitutes the primary material of the plant comes from the air, so you have not to neglect the control and the regulation of the climate, to obtain an optimum yielding.

Extractor, intractor, humidifiers, ventilators, GSE, etc. are materials that you might need to control the climate of you growing area, in grow boxes or in a room of your house.

In this category, you will find also carbon filter and diverse deodorizers such as the ONA blocks which are used to filter the odours given off by your culture.

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  • £18.97
  • Luxmetre Benetech GM1010

    Luxmetre fiable et économique de la marque Benetech. Plage de mesure: 0-200,000 lux Learn More
  • Contrôleur de climat Cli-mate 12A

    Contrôleur de climat, température et ventilation. Qualité hollandaise. Learn More
  • £10.95
  • Active carbon filter Can-Lite 425M3 Ø125MM

    Carbon Filter  Can Lite  D125MM.

    The model of carbon filter Can-Lite made in plastic is very light and ultra efficient.

    Carbon filters Can-Lite of mark Can-Filters use a typify of very light coal and very efficient filtration for odors.

    Can Lite carbon filter should not be used in humidity beyond 80% to ensure a life of 18 months.

    Learn More
  • Air extractor/intractor PK 220/360m3 diam. 125mm

    Air extractor/intractor PK 220/360m3 diam. 125mm

    Extractor/Intractor 2 speed :
    - Position 1 : 220m3/h
    - Position 2 : 360m3/h

    The air extraction evacuate the moisture and the heat out, that can dammage your plants.
    The air intraction put the fresh air and the carbonic dioxyde that are necesary to have a good growth vigor for your plants.

    We can calculate the air capacity of the grow room, to make that, you can multiply x50 to know the minimal air intraction, that is necesary to the plants.

    Exemple: Long x larg x Hight ( air volume of the grow room ) x 50
    2m L x 3m l x 2.2 H= 13.2 cubic meters of air volume x50 that done: 660m3/hour.
    In this case you need :

    1 intractor of 660 cubic meters per hour, of minimal capacity, you should ofrever think that you loose air flux with the filter, with the conduct, with the curves in the conduct,...
    Take a superior air motor , it's guaranted to you a good air flux.
    Delivered with metallic support.
    Learn More
  • Hylite Tube Heater 80W length 61 cm

    Tube heater Hylite 61 centimeters in length with a power of 80W scheduled to warm your growing areas. This heater can be used on a culture tray, or in a small greenhouse, for example.

    Learn More

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