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Made-to-measure Grow Boxes

Made-to-measure growbox kits

Set up your own growing room according to your needs and your budgets.

We propose to you a large choice of growing room, like the dark room, the dark streert, the dark gt and the dark tent, and of reflectors, like the basics stucco, the adjust-a-wing and the famous black OG cooled by the air.

You  have the choice of your traditional ballast: Philips, Vossloh, Mari, Pro Gear but also electronic ballasts like Lumatek, Dim-Bal with the best bulb on the market, e.i Philips, Sylvania, etc.

The equipment proposed to you is a semi-professional and professional quality.

Our equiments are linked ans tested by a professional in electric equiment before every sale, an incorrect connexion can damage definitively your material.

Take advantage of a discount of 10% on all our made-to-measure growbox kits!

Methods of payment:

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 0034 972556869 for information about the set of your kit.
The payment by credit card is cannot exceed 1500€. However, you can pay by bank transfer or by phone.

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  • Customizable tent kit 400W

    This kit 400W custom grow box allows you to grow a crop of Cannabis indoors and discreetly. Choose not only your grow tent, but also your reflector, ballast, light bulb, air extractor, and charcoal filter.

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    Promo Prix normal €419.85

    As low as: €385.30

  • Customizable tent kit 600W

    With the customizable tent kit 600W, make a discreet cannabis indoor culture.

    Choose your culture box, but also your ballast, reflector, air extractor, carbon filter and bulb!

    All prices include the 10% discount!

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    Promo Prix normal €483.95

    As low as: €433.63

  • Customizable tent kit with economic bulb

    Thanks to the made-to-measure growboxes, choose your growing box, your reflector, but also your air extractor and the growth and blooming bulb. Realize a cannabis indoor culture in a safe and simple way. 

    The posted prizes include the discount of 10 %

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    Promo Prix normal €343.45

    As low as: €214.00

3 Item(s)

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