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Full lighting kits

Lighting kits

In this category, you will find what you need to set your lighting kit according to your needs. Choose between more efficient reflectors with a better yield like the Adjust-A-Wing and cool tubes, but also ventilated reflectors like Prima Klima or the Black OG that will allow to you to grow in confined spaces where the temperature can increase. Thanks to these ventilated reflector systems, the heat is reduced to 5° to 8°.

 The light that your plants receive is important for a quick and safe growth. An inappropriate lighting equipment can restrain your growth.

 We propose reliable lighting kits, with a tested quality in the horticultural field, and ready to use. Our ballasts are made in Germany and still have the best quality/price ratio on the market. The longevity and the robustness are excellent and ensure good and stable performances all along the bulb life. We don't sell disposable materials but long-lasting and high quality ones.

Given that a bad connection could damage your material definitively, our equipments are linked and connected before every sale because an incorrect connexion can damage definitly your material

Methods of payment:

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 0034 972556869 for information about the set of your kit.
The payment by credit card is cannot exceed 1500€. However, you can pay by bank transfer or by phone.

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7 Item(s)

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