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World Of Seeds

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World of Seeds is a dutch cannabis seeds bank of high quality. The bank has some collections of seeds like the mythic Afgan kush, the amnesia, the delirium, the ketama, which are organized according to the geographic origins or genetic heritage. Some one of the collection are composed by endemic strains (local strain), another collections are composed by hybrids (crosses beetween different strains) World of seeds proposes different strains with different properties, a wide choice for all the users, and also for medical or recrative use.

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  • Wild Thailand - Feminized Seeds

    The Wild Thailand is one of the genetics that has reached the podium of the most resin productucers. As it is said in the name, this feminised seed comes from Thailand, and, especially  from the Ko Chang archipelago to be more precise.


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  • Ketama - Feminized Seeds

    The Ketama comes from the North of Marocco and was exportated in Europe in the early 90s. The cannabis plant got some difficulties to acclimate our regions but growers have learned how to cultivate it.

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  • Afghan Kush - Feminized Seeds

    Afghan Kush is a feminised cannabis seed with an Indica dominance and with a high THC rate and a strong smell of Hashish.

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  • Colombian Gold - Feminized Seeds

    The Colombian Gold has been europeanised in the early 1800s thanks to commercial trades within the colombian territory. It is a vigorous plant with a sweet and intense aroma and powerful and psychedelic effects.

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  • Pakistan Valley - Feminized Seeds

    The Pakistan Valley is a pure Indica variety that releases a strong perfume and an intense and sweet savour. Its CBD rate makes the Pakistan Valley a really medicinal genetics.

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  • Amnesia - Feminized Seeds

    The Amnesia from World of Seeds is a very productive strains considering its very high THC rate.

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  • Pakistan Ryder - Automatic flowering Feminized Seeds

    The Pakistan Ryder of Word of Seeds is a female and an automatic flowering cannabis variety.

    It produces large amounts of resin and has a musky aroma with woody touches. It has to be harvested in only 55 to 65 days from germination.

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  • Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder - Automatic flowering Feminized Seeds

    The Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder is an autoflowering feminised cannabis seed variety that produces compact buds recovered with resin. It has a really fruity flavour thanks to its citrus fruit and pineapple touches. This genetics has a great medicinal value.

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  • Afghan Kush Ryder - Automatic flowering Feminized Seeds

    The Afghan Kush Ryder is an automatic flowering variety that comes from a cross between an Afghan Kush and a Ruderalis. It is usually harvested after 55/65 days from germination. Very powerful, it has relaxing and narcotic effects.

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  • Northern Light X Big Bud - Feminized Seeds

    The Northern Light X Big Bud is an exceptional typical Indica cross which is especially suitable for indoor culture. It produces very compact buds full of resin. The NL X Big Bud is genetics with medicinal effects.

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