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The Flying Dutchmen

Flying Dutchmen (in reference to the famous dutch boat) of the legend has more than 35 years of experience in the cannabis seeds production. Flying dutchmen is based in Amsterdam and produce cannabis seeds of high quality. This seeds bank won numerous competitions of the best marijuana. Flying Dutchmen is the creator of the very famous : skunk#1.

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  • The PURE - Regular Seeds

    The Pure is a regular cannabis variety with which you can expect a high-yielding harvest.

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  • Aurora B - Regular Seeds

    The Aurora B is a cross between a Northern Light and a male Skunk, a regular cannabis strain that will provide a top-quality grass indoors as well as outdoors.

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  • Dutch Royal Orange - Regular Seeds

    Brought from California by our Dutch fellows, the Dutch Royal Orange is a cross of F-1 made to get a high quality grass. This Indica-dominant variety has an authentic royal line.

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  • Fuma Con Dios - Regular Seeds

    A pure Haze odour, a pure Haze taste and a pure Haze effect!

    This powerful Haze is strongly recommended for Haze lovers who are a bit impatient as to the harvest.

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  • Pot Of Gold - Regular Seeds

    The Pot Of Gold is one of the best varieties that the Flying Dutchmen can offer.

    It is excellent for numerous medicinal uses.

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