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Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds

Sensi seeds is a seeds bank established in 1985 by Ben Dronkers,  It thus celebrated 25 years in 2010. Sensi seeds is one of the first bank disponible in the cannabis market. Ben Dronkers began to cultivate his own cannabis plant in 1975, he has conservated the best cannabis seeds which he could find. From 1978, it worked with farmers, botanists and researchers, to obtain a better knowledge in the cannabis. To find the best origins, he travelled in central asia, hindu kush, himalaya, in asia around of the tropics. At the beginning of the 80s, the first examples of hybrids stabilized from the united states arrive in Europe. Well, ben sucess in getting himself stumps of origin in particular Haze and skunk, what makes of sensi seeds one of the three breeders have access to this wave of hybrids coming of the states. In 1986, the shop sensi seeds open its doors in Amsterdam. In 1991, Ben acquires the Bank 'seed bank' and the genetics stock of the two banks merges to give the Sensi seeds bank that we know currently. Sensi seeds don't stop to increase with years to propose very high quality of genetics.

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  • Sensi Skunk - Feminized seeds

    Sensi Skunk is probably one of Sensi Seeds variety of the easiest to cultivate. Its flowering is fast, plants are resistant and provides an abundant harvest. The buds are impregnated with a refreshing citrus aroma.

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  • Afghani #1 - Graines de cannabis féminisées

    Si vous désirez une variété d´intérieur, à croissance rapide et facile, donnant des récoltes abondantes et une production de résine presque effrayante, vous ne devez pas chercher plus loin. Cette variété 95% Indica l'Afghani #1 produit des plantes compactes et rapides pour une culture uniforme et des récoltes XL.Ses saveurs et son effet sont comparable au hash afghan. Learn More

  • Skunk#1 Automatic - Autoflowering feminized seeds

    The Skunk # 1 auto of Sensi Seeds is an auto-flowering high quality with high recreational or medicinal effect variety. It produces large compact buds covered with resin rich in THC.

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  • Skunk#1 - Feminized cannabis seeds

    .Skunk#1 is a productive variety with a short blooming. Between 45 to 50 dias in indoor culture and an harvest in the end of september in outdoor. Its aroma ant its taste are intense, spiced, with notes of lemon and wood of sandalwood. Sustainable and strong effect. 

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  • Super Skunk Automatic - Autoflowering feminized seeds

    Super Skunk automatic is the autoflowering version of the famous Super Skunk, known around the world. Its effect is powerful, relaxing and narcotic, very similar to the feminised version. Super Skunk automatic is very aromatic.

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  • Super Skunk - Feminized cannabis seeds

    .The super skunk is a legendary variety which comes from the crossing between Skunk#1 and a "Hash plant" (old Aghane). Hybrid with ascendancy indica, it's strong, easy to cultivate, productive and its effect is powerful.

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  • Northern Lights Automatic - Graines féminisées auto-floraison

    La Northern Lights automatic est une auto floraison puissante de la lignée légendaire Indica Afghane de Sensi Seeds. Elle se récolte en seulement 77 jours après la germination. Elle est productive, rapide et dégage peu d'odeurs. Les têtes sont délicatement parfumées.

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    Regular Price: €37.00

    Promo €33.30

  • Big Bud - Feminized Auto Flower

    The Big Bud is a well known variety for its outstanding performance. With her Indica pedigree has been constantly improved for many years. Its aroma is fruity and sweet with a fresh and spicy nuance. The Big Bud autoflowering has a powerful physical effect matched to the psychotropic effects of its ancestors of Skunk Sativa. Learn More

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    Promo €33.75

  • Shiva Skunk - Graines autofloraison féminisées

    Super résineuse, Shiva Skunk est une des variétés hybrides à dominance indica les plus puissantes. Shiva Skunk Automatic commencent automatiquement à fleurir à un certain moment entre l’apparition de la 5e et de la 8e paire de vraies feuilles et fleurie en 45/50 jours. C'est une plante compacte qui résiste bien au froid. Learn More

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    Promo €33.75

  • Early Skunk - Feminized cannabis seeds

    The early skunk is the result of skunk#1 and the early pearl crossing. It's resistant in molds, and very easy to cultivate. Big producer, its variety gives to you a "high happy effect" and after a stone and strong effect which comes from its part skunk.

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  • Silver Haze #9 - Feminised seeds

    SIlver Haze # 9 from Sensi Seeds is a very productive variety, predominantly Sativa (80%). She is very powerful, with a cerebral effect, High, durable. It can be grown quickly in 12/12, plants of 10 to 15 cm will easily reach 1 meter without problems.

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  • Shiva Shanti® - Regular cannabis seeds

    Shiva Shanti was created during the fusion of the Seed Bank and Sensi Seeds in the early 90s. Shiva Shanti is a regular cannabis variety seeds.

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  • Hindu Kush - Graines de cannabis féminisées

    100% Indica, cette variété de SENSI SEEDS développe des plantes compactes à floraison courte, 45/50 jours. De superbes fleurs aux arômes d'anis et de bois de santal. Un effet anti-stress, conseillé également pour soulager les douleurs et les nausées; sans "assommé" le consommateur ce qui est très appréciable. Learn More

  • Black Domina Graine de cannabis féminisées

    Rapidité et densité, ces fleurs sont compactes et produisent énormément de résine. Attendez-vous à des récoltes conséquentes au bout des 55 jours de floraison. Sombre, délicieuse et dévastatrice elle rassemble les meilleurs indica du monde dans un hybride à floraison rapide couverte de cristaux. Learn More



  • Jack Flash #5 - Feminised seeds

    The Jack Flash # 5 is a feminized variety coming directly from the Jack Herer. It has been obtained by retro crosses over several generations. The Jack Flash # 5 is a very resistant plant, productive, aromatic and powerful. The heads are huge and filled with resin.

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  • Northern Lights - Feminised Seeds

    Northern Lights feminized from Sensi Seeds is a predominantly Indica variety (90%), which is known for the 80. It has won many awards at the cannabis competitions. This variety is cultivated indoors and also outdoors. It produces abundant harvests and emits a surprisingly low odor.


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  • Shiva Skunk - Feminized cannabis seeds

    The shiva skunk is the result of Nothern Lights#5Xhaze and skunk #1 crossing, which gives a stong and robust hybrid in indica dominance. Its easy to cultivate with a short blooming. Its effect is strong and its production very important. 

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  • Skunk Kush - Feminized seeds

    The Skunk Kush is a feminized hybrid that includes two genetics: a pure Afghani from the Hindu Kush and the very famous Skunk # 1. Its flowering time is short, between 40 to 65 days. It has an Afghani aroma with a touch of citrus.

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  • Jamaican Pearl - Graines de cannabis féminisées

    De culture facile c'est le joyaux jamaïcain de Sensi Seed, puissante et exotique cette variété à dominante sativa apporte le soleil à chaque instant.
    Elle ne laissera personne indifférent par sa générosité. Ses buds se couvriront de résine au parfum doux et entêtant.
    Sa floraison de 9 à 11 semaines récompensera les cultivateurs par son abondante récolte, son effet high vous réchauffera tel le soleil des caraïbes dont elle est issue. Learn More

  • Big Bud - Feminized cannabis seeds

    . The Big bud is a very famous variety for its incredible yield. Its pedigree Indica was constantly improved during numerous years. Its aroma is sweet and fruity with fresh and spiced nuance. The big bud has a strong physic effect with psychotropics effects of its ancestors of skunk sativa. 

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