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Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds


Medical Seeds is a spanish seeds bank which product cannabis feminized seeds of medicinal quality with a very strong rate of THC like the incredible Y Griega and also entertaining genetics like the 1024 and the 2046.
The plants arise of this seeds bank have an excellent report quality-quantity like the Channel + and the Bluehell.
Medical seeds crossings are the most often in sativa dominance in the purpose to have a maximum psycho-activity with a relaxing physical effect. A lot of these medical seeds varieties was rewarded in numerous cannabis competitions. Medical seeds is a bank to discover for all users of medicinal cannabis.


Y Griega: a 80 % Sativa and very high THC rate strain crossed between an Amnesia Haze and a Kali Mist.

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  • Devil Fruit - Feminized Seeds

    The Devil Fruit takes its name from its very pronounced fruity aroma combined with a more sweeter one than ever. This cannabis plant, with its sativa trend, can reach 2.5m high and produce 500g/m².

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  • Y GRIEGA - Feminized Seeds

    The Y Griega is the cannabis plant with the highest THC rate of the world. Its effects begin with an energy jolt that, then, slowly leads to relaxation and lucidity.

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  • Canadian Kush - Feminised Seeds

    Variety of Medical Seeds, cross between Purple Kush and Special Kush

    From 60-65 days indoor and the 1 to October15 inoutside.

    100% Indica, with aromas of pine, grape and earthy.

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  • No Name - Feminized Seeds

    What could be more original than this name? Furthermore, what could be more original than coupling the Cheese unique taste with the Sensi Star components?

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  • Channel + - Feminized Seeds

    The Channel + from Medical Seeds is one of the genetics which has been represented in competitions and which has won numerous trophies. It is especially well-known for its short blooming period.

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  • Mendocino Purple Kush - Feminised seeds

    New variety of MedicalSeeds.

    Cross of Mendocino Purple and Purple Kush.

    For 55/65 days in indoor and form 1 to October 15 in outside.

    40% Sativa 60% indica with purple leaves of, robust and easy to grow.

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  • 1024 - Feminized Seeds

    The 1024 from Medical Seeds stays and will sta a mystery. Effectively, Medical Seeds reserves the right to disclose or not the precise components of this genetics. 70% sativa, 30% indica, this feminised seed will never stop making the news.


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