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Green House Seeds

Green House Seeds


Established in 1985 and based in Netherlands, Green House Seeds is one of the cannabis standard and feminized seeds banks the most rewarded of the world with approximately an hundred awards at many cannabis cups. This breeder proposes very famous cannabis seeds varieties like the strong Great White Shark, the Mytical Himalaya Gold and more.
In 1986, it began the progamm of pedigree increase to develop new lineages of seeds. The purpose of green house was to develop lineages with different aromas and effects stronger than the average. The programm was a success and the first Coffeeshop “Green House” opened a short time later. The popularity of Green House stumps increased until the break of stocks.
The Master Kush and Cytral strains were a great success and the seeds bank was rewarded by the first place of high times cannabis cup.
A second coffeeshop “Green House” opened in Waterlooplein. Green House continued to get bigger, then found a partner and collaborator with an ex Sensi Seeds breeder in the objective to open a third shop in 1997. For this day “Green house’ didn’t stop developing and is currently one of the most famous seeds bank in the world.


Great White Shark: 1st price at the "Bio HTCC" in 1997 and High Life 2005.
Himalaya Gold: a Nepal and indian Sativa cross.
Cheese: a revolutionnary Skunk with cheese taste, winner of the "Indica Cup HTCC" in 2006.

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  • CHEESE - Feminized Seeds

    This genetic coming from the Skunk No. 1, a strain from the United Kingdom, won the 1st prize Indica Cup HTCC in 2006.

    It possesses an intense flavour, a very dominant and a pleasant undergrowth taste and provide a stoned effect for the body with a mental boosting.

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  • Himalaya Gold - Feminized Seeds

    This strain bears the name of its cross between a variety coming from Nepal and a Sativa from North India.

    The Himalaya Gold is recommended by Green House Seeds because it is easy to grow both outdoors and indoors all over the world.

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  • Lemon Skunk - Feminized seeds

    The Lemon Skunk from Green House Seeds is a feminized cannabis variety seeds with a powerful and long lasting effect. Lemon Skunk is very resistant to mold and very productive.

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  • El Niño - Feminized Seeds

    This feminised variety called El Niño comes from a more complex cross than its other fellows from Green House Seeds.

    To be more precise, it is a mix between various strains of Haze, Super Skunk, a Brazilian and an Indian, which brings to this genetic a very indica characteristic.

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  • Great White Shark - Feminized Seeds

    The Great White Shark is a very interesting variety that has won two great cups: the 1st prize HIGHLIFE 2005 and the 1st prize Bio HTCC 1997.

    This seed represents the result of a cross that comes from Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian genetics.

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  • White Rhino - Feminized Seeds

    The White Rhino from Green House Seeds is a variety mainly coming from a cross between an Afghan, a Brazilian and a pure indica from South India.

    It has been crossbred with an Afghani to produce, a bit more later, tons of resin, and consequently, to improve its yield if you're a high quality hashish lover.

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  • White Widow GH - Graines Féminisées

    White Widow was born in the 90's with the cross of a Brazilian and an indian variety. It's a very powerful hybrid with very resinous and shiny buds.

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  • Arjan's Strawberry Haze - Feminized Seeds

    The female Aran's Strawberry Haze is the result of an interesting cross between a Swiss Sativa and a NL5 Haze Mist.

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  • Super Silver Haze - Feminized Seeds

    This cross mix between a pure Haze, Northern Light and a Skunk is one of the most famous classics from all over the world.

    It is the result of a very powerful hybrid Super Silver Haze having an effect and an aroma which are both devastating.

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  • Hawaiian Snow - Feminized Seeds

    The Hawaiian Snow has been awarded at the Cannabis Cup as the best high quality grass cultivated in 2003 in Holland and already has 3 cups:

    - 1st HTCC 2003

    - 1st IC420 grower cup 2007

    - 2nd Champions cup 2007

    It is a mix between a Hawaiian cross and other varieties coming from Laos.

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  • Neville's Haze - Feminized Seeds

    The Neville's Haze from Green House Seeds is the result of an interesting sativa-dominant cross.

    The two genitors chosen for its creation are pure Haze crossbred with a Northern Light.

    This plant is a little bit more difficult to harvest because if it is not correctly maintained, it can reduce its production.

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  • Super Lemon Haze - Feminised Seeds

    The Super Lemon Haze Green House has been obtained thanks to cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. The result is a very productive and tasty plant. Indoors it can produce up to 800 gr / m².

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