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Delicious Seeds

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Delicious Seeds was created thanks to the passion of the cannabis and its culture with the intension to propose powerful medicinal genetics. Delicious seeds is the result of numerous years of work to obtain genetics of quality. Delicious seeds has already won few prices in cannabis competitions (cannabis up for example), thanks to its medicinal varieties like the Cotton Candy, the critical Jack Herer, the Nothern light blue, the sugar black rose, the fruity chronic juice and many others else. Delicious seeds proposes for the growners of all the world cannabis feminized varieties, but also auto-flowering of high quality. Each variety is unique and has its own character. So taste the most delicious Sativas and the most medicinal indicas. 

The Best seller: Sugar Black Rose, a fruity flavor!

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  • Northern Light Blue - Feminized cannabis seeds

    Northern Light Blue is a powerful medicinal variety that comes from a cross between Northern Light and Blueberry. Feminized cannabis seeds Indica 100% sweet fruity flavor.

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    Price From: £5.84


  • Critical Super Silver Haze - Feminized seeds

    The Critical Super Silver Haze is the result of the cross between Super Silver Haze and Critical Bilbo. Its effect is powerful both cerebral, physical and durable. It has the typical flavor of the Super Silver Haze with a fragrant substance.

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    Price From: £6.72
  • Price From: £6.94


  • La Diva - Autoflowering feminized seeds

    The Diva is the result of the cross between the famous and appreciated Blueberry variety and Il Diavolo who is an auto flowering variety. It has the characteristic blue color and has a very fruity (forest fruit) and floral flavor.

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    Price From: £6.94
  • Critical Sensi Star - Feminized Seeds

    The Critical Sensi Star is the result of the cross between a highly resinous strain by the selection of Sensi Star of Delicious Seeds with a clone of the very famous Critical Bilbo. The effect is powerful, fast and very cerebral with a mild sedative effect.

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    Price From: £7.30


  • Critical Jack Herer - Autoflowering feminized seeds

    Critical Jack Herer automatic is the result of a cross between the auto Critical Bilbo and the Auto Jack Herer. The result is a vigorous plant with numerous ramifications. Its effect is powerful, physical and aroma is spicy and fruity with a scent of incense.

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    Price From: £8.03
  • Delicious Candy - Autoflowering feminized seeds

    Delicious Candy was developed from the auto flowering versions of the Original Cheese and Caramelo of Delicious Seeds. The Structure of the Delicious Candy Auto is typical hybrid robust fast flowering, compact, with a large central bud.

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    Price From: £8.03

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