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Cannabis Seeds

Buy cannabis seeds at, and be assured of the quality!

Our staff puts all its expertise, throughout the year, to select for you the best genetics of the cannabis market among the thousands of current cannabis seeds.

This choice is made after reviewing multiple criteria such as THC, germination, yield potential ... We select and sell only the first choice, the best of the best. Whether Sativa or Indica, we offer varieties that are meant energizing and euphoric, with fruity aromas, citrus, woody citrus or to satisfy all tastes.

The cannabis seeds at Biotops

To find the most adapted cannabis seeds for your needs, use the filters we make available to you. Our stock is constantly updated and renewed. We add the latest news as soon as we find from the largest seed banks such as Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Dinafem, Kannabia, Delicious Seeds, Seeds Reggae etc ... All the best genetics are present as the fabulous Orange Bud, White Widow, the Skunk#1, Cream Mandarine or Critical + 2.0,...

Advantage offered at Biotops, our seeds have a guaranteed germination if one of them does not germinate, simply return it to us by mail in its original packaging to this address:

Biotops Growshop, Carrer Nord 31, 17700 La Jonquera, Spain.

Since many years, we put our expertise to offer only cannabis seeds of exception, which for some, won several trophies on Cannabis Cup.

Exclusive at Biotops, enjoy our promos on cannabis seeds.

Also enjoy our promo 1 seed offered for every purchase of 50€ seeds! Fast, discreet and safe shipping!

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Bass Line - Regular Seeds

    After over 2 years of tests, Reggae Seeds out on the market their first Genetics who containing only THC, the Bass Line, a variety of regular cannabis seeds. The result is a robust, homogeneous and productive plant with an energetic and clear effect.

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    Regular Price: €30.00

    Promo €21.00


  • Purple Afghan Kush - Feminized cannabis seeds

    The Purple Afghan Kush Dinafem Seeds is a feminized cannabis variety seeds which is born of the union between the Purple Kush and Pre'98 Bubba Kush. The result is a plant with indica predominance and delicately fruity flavor.

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    Regular Price: €12.00

    Promo €8.40

  • Sweet Purple - Feminized cannabis seeds

    Sweet Purple by Paradise Seeds bank is a cross of three genetic Indica-dominant composed of a Purple, a Dutch variety and a variety with high rates of cannabinoid.

    Very resistant to moisture and mold.

    Sweet Purple have a relaxing effect and woody taste.

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    Regular Price: €20.00

    Promo €14.00

  • Ripper Badazz - Feminized cannabis seeds

    The Ripper Badazz comes from one of the best known genetic U.S.A. to the OG. A variety of feminized cannabis seeds has an amazing balance between taste and effect.

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    Regular Price: €8.00

    Promo €5.60

  • Fuel OG - Feminized cannabis seeds

    The Fuel OG is a variety of feminized cannabis seeds from the cross between a clone of New York City Diesel and the famous OG Badazz. It has a citric flavor with a note reminding the OG.

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    Regular Price: €7.00

    Promo €4.90

  • Acid Dough - Feminized cannabis seeds

    The Acid Dough is the result of the cross of a selection of Lilly (Reina Madre X Congo) with the famous OG Badazz. It is a variety of feminized cannabis seeds with the energetic and euphoric effect.

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    Regular Price: €7.00

    Promo €4.90

    Out of stock



  • Big Kush - Feminized cannabis seeds

    The Big Kush is a feminized cannabis seeds variety of Dinafem Seeds which was obtained thanks to cross between Critical + and OG Kush. It has an odor and an intense flavor with fresh lemon and oil notes.

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    Regular Price: €11.00

    Promo €7.70


Items 1 to 7 of 381 total

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